Siargao Island in Travelversed 31 Best Surf Spots in the World

Philippines is not just about beautiful beaches and enchanted islands. It is also home to world's best Surf spots in the world.  In its September 2016 editorials, a travel guide website listed Siargao's Cloud 9 as one of the 31 best Surf spots in the world.

Dubbed as the surfing capital of the Philippines. Located Southeast of the country with a waves averaging to 7ft. Surfing in Siargao is to the extreme with its shallow waters and sharp, coral-covered ocean floor which will give you a rough ride but wait till you're all wrapped and covered with a tube of waves to fully experienced what is like to be in the green room.

Siargao Island is surrounded by different surf breaks. Starting with 'Cloud 9'. The most popular break in Siargao, and the location of some international surf competitions. It’s a powerful high-tide reef break that produces consistent barrels both left & right but with its razor sharp coral at the bed of the ocean. This surf spot is recommended for advanced surfers only.


A sweet left hand reef break which produces barrels during the season. Best during east and north east swells.

Named cemetery as it is place right in front of General Luna cemetery. Cemetery breaks left and right. Best at low tide.

Guyam Island
A 5 minute boat ride from General Luna (Siargao Town Center) is Guyam Island. On the back of the island are several breaks to choose from, perfect location if you’re tired of competing for waves at the nearer beaches.

Jacking Horse
True to it’s name it is a powerful wave that jacks on it’s peak and smashes onto a shallow reef then reforms on the inner reef. It is best to ride from medium to high tide.

La Janoza, Mamon, Antokon, Anajauan Island
Just a short boat ride away can take you to any of these islands. There are 4-5 perfect breaks to be found all around these islands including a sick 150m beach break on Mamon Island.

North of General Luna is Pacifico, another world class barreling reef break that Siargao has to offer. Pacifico is a long, hollow and consistent left hander.

Pansukian Reef
An upside down water drop shaped barrel that works well on an east to south east swell.

Pilar (1.5 hrs by boat from General Luna area), generally not nearly as crowded as General Luna surf spots, is a great place to surf during North East swells. Pilar has two awesome left hand reef breaks.

Rock Island
A huge and clean right hander, which barrels and can hold double over headers. It breaks about 200 yards off Rock Island. Accessible by boat and best at low tide. It’s a sweet spot for photos with that giant rocky outcropping in the background (first photo).

Recommended for experts only, on a big swell Stimpy’s is a ferocious perfect tubing wave, which breaks hard into very shallow water. Accessible by boat only. If you like lefts, Stimpy’s is great. It’s a 10 minute boat ride offshore, which means it can be less crowded. There are actually two breaks here, the inside one is larger. Best at low to mid tide.

Tuason’s Point
Located right next to Cloud 9, Tuason’s point is another outstanding surf spot. This is a seriously heavy, powerful and hard breaking

Now, want a glimpse of Siargao? Watch the video. I know, it's surfing paradise.

Credits: Discover Siargao

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