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MPmA: Yes, I'm available - are you ready

Forgive me but from time to time, MKmA will be posting some of #MgaPayongMaAlamat. It's a meme, I started via Facebook, twitter and Instagram. It's anything nuisance, you know stuff that you usually encounter on social media (lol) but in a way speaks of reality and the good news, it's done with humor.

Translated - advises in a form of half-meant joke but nevertheless it will caught you to the core. So let's get going.

Oh spoiler, mostly it talks about love. I told you it's going to be annoying, lol.

For this feature. Let's talk about the Filipino spirit. I mean, of all people in the world. Filipinos are the most resilient. Give them typhoon, earthquake, all the natural disaster known to man and ofcourse Pnoy as their President and they will go on with their lives. Pick up the pieces if need be, and voila - good as new.

The same thing when it comes to love. When someone is being ditched, they always has a ready scapegoat even deep inside, they knew they were torn as hell, lol.

Must be a pride? Oh, we'll atleast you are now available. Don't cry. lol.

Even falling leaves..
has its own story to tell, ikaw ano ang kwentong alamat mo?

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