Let's Go For A Walk, Run With Me

I am not a Diva, ofcourse because I'm a Divo (lol) so unless you are late, (toinkz) then it's only expected you can taste a million curses from me. I mean, it's fair right? See, Diva has no place in me. I kill every Diva showing my way, lol.

Now, if there's one thing a friend can complain about me when I am in a company, is that I walk too fast.Yeah, I'm in league with the Avengers' Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff) and X-Men, Northstar (Jean Paul Baubier). Oh, didn't I tell you, did I? Lol. Yeys! I am a superhero. I was born great (ako na), lol.

I am always the speedster. I want everything to be done quickly. As a matter-of-fact and in-fact, I am susceptible (Ano daw? Punas ilong, lol) to the notorious Filipino traits, the Ningas Kugon (flash in the pan) attitude. So, to counter the curse (lol), I need to finish it quick or I'll lost the appetite.

In a way, it helps me create an impression. I've been always praise how uncanny (See, I'm a hero. Yes, I'm an X-Man lol), I am when it comes to execution. May it be in a workplace, school or simply in just with a company of friends. Ooooops, not without exception ofcourse. Yes, except eating (talo tayo dyan).

I'm a pridist, and because I have the tendency to screw everything (lol), I make it a point to finish it quicker than everyone expected before a damage can be done. Clever eh? Oh I know, lol. Ofcourse, there's a humungous instances that I have lost the excitement of pursuing some projects I have in minds. Mostly personal, to my loss. Yeah, I wasted my time.

One time, some of my friends agreed to watch a movie. We were going to the cinema section and while walking when one of the friends reacted that we are walking too fast and we are not even in a hurry. I just realized that they were actually trying to be at pace with me. "You are a bitch". I told her. "Fine, let's do it in slow motion", I'm not finish with her (lol) but I submitted to the walk as if I am 150 years old. Lame.

Then there's this friend who's in Manila for his job interview, we decided to meet. We're also going for a movie when while walking he stopped. "May pinagdadaanan ka ba o natatae? (Are you on a difficult time or you need a bathroom? ). He asked. "Huh", I replied, puzzled. "You are walking too fast", he added. "Oh did I? No, this is my normal walk. Come, lead me the way in your steps." I answered him back.

Also at work after shift, sometimes we will be walking altogether along with my officemates going to our respective transport stations. They would always give me a remarks on how fast I walk. Ofcourse, in a funny way.

I don't know but I am not aware, all I knew is I'm walking normally just like any other. Only then that I will be prompted when someone noticed. Is this hereditary? Because my grand mother, walks too fast also even in her older years. She's a cunning lady in her prime while I am uncanny, lol. So I think, that's it. That explains it, lol.

My shift at work ends at 12 midnight, and I will be traveling Commonwealth from Ayala, it's roughly an hour ride on a normal day, I mean on a normal night. Usually, at 10 minutes past one, I'm already at Don Antonio. And I need a trycicle cab going to my place and at this wee hour, trycicles are in special mode, meaning you are going to pay a special Php40.00 for the ride. Regularly, you just need to pay Php9.00 along with the other four passengers during daytime.

Unless it is not raining, the weather is fine or I am not too exhausted from work. I opt to walk, walking at night is calm and you get to excercise your self. I don't usually go excercising nakakapagod (tirikng, lol). It's a fifteen minute walk - in my own pace. Not bad, right? And the good news, you have spared from the fare, lol (un pala un, nagtitipid haha). Excuse me, I'm eating a Php56.00 McDonald's french fries while walking, lol (abono pa ng Php16.00, amp). Next time, I'll just ride a tricy cab, lol.

So any chance of walking, er running with me any time soon?