Putting Smiles On The Street On New Years Day, 2015 Edition

Every New Year, I am roaming (rain or shine, lol) around the streets of Metro Manila with a backpack full of candies. My target subject are the street children. I knew how it is like to be a child. Holiday season is supposed to be for kids - the time of the year that every child is looking forward to.

But not every child can expect, what a child is expecting during this season. It will still depend on your social status. Matter-of-fact there is no Christmas for poor children, to them - it will be another usual and hopeless day. And it is very unfair to them. Only if we have a better government, that can implement a better program to eradicate poverty, so all Filipino children will celebrate Christmas with a happy thoughts.

And this is what I feel I am capable of, in my own little way ofcourse - very little that it is only limited to a backpack of happiness. I wish I have more to give.

I woke up 15 minutes after eleven. I still have enough time, in my mind. Last night's new year celebration wasn't grand like any other new years (lol, to me). Actually, I was more excited on the series I was watching, The Following than the celebration itself. I'm not crazy about this season, matter-of-fact, I'm dreading it. Overrated if you ask me. Overrated, in a way that everyone is playing hypocrite. I mean, seriously go gaga shopping for gifts to the point that you are emptying your purse? For sure you can give any time of the year, aren't you? Don't wait for Christmas! Alright, I'm one of the remaining descendant of the Grinch, lol.

It looks to me that this festivities is only for those who can afford the price of the season or else you will only envy the grand display of the occasion.

Then I peeked outside my window (what the fox says, lol). Oh boy, it's raining. And like I'm gonna be on foot looking for the kids and got two bags in me? I wanted to scream (lol) but then remembering that helping choose no time (lol, ako na). At 30 minutes past one, I'm off to my mission. Gosh, my bags are heavy. The reason I hate traveling because of the loads I have to be carrying. I'm not a person who would bring bag when going outside. I mean my office mates would always pick on me why I don't have bags when everyone has. Oh, I was just dropping (lol) my usual reply.

From Fairview, I took a Buendia route FX (cab) and dropped myself at Lawton. Drops of rain starting to get heavy. I had my cap's on just incase rain won't stop. I'm ready for a walk despite the rains.

I was able to have taken some of the kids picture. I have to asked the parents if I can take a photo of them. There are some families who are very intimidating like they will encircle you asking for more when all the kids had the packs already in their hands (oh the existential greed in us, lol). One mother even called me as salbahe (bitch) just because I refrained from giving her another pack. She wants her lactating baby to be given as well. I told her, "no your baby is not yet capable of eating solid food, and these candies are for at least two years and older". Gusto ko siyang patulan, utang na loob - sanay ako sa mga ganyang eksena, lol (I want to snapped her that instant, I have been always very effective and actually has the reputation to shutting down bitches, lol) but decided to vacate the place immediately. I came with my good heart's on (it's not always turned that way, lol), I don't want to ruin my day despite the fact that I'm already soaking with rains, lol.

I just consider the experienced and putting it that there will always be one rotten among a basketful of tomatoes because most parents I have encountered were really nice. Like they would tell their children what to say after being given. It touches my heart (lol). One old granny teasing me how about the elder, I was like blushing while checking my pockets and actually got a 100 peso bill. I handed her to her delight.
Overall. Again, it was a humbling experience. And, I'm looking forward for the next year. It's not that wow but I wish I have made them smile one way or the other. Atleast, I have made them realized that there will always be someone who remembers them. They are not - the neglected.


Luneta is just a kick away to where I was. So I made my way joining the crowds who despite the rains are still flocking in groups taking pictures or groupies everywhere. It's infectious. I want to see them up close and personal, the happy faces of the typical Pinoy - carefree... about the social issues.

I was taking picture of the Rizal monument when I realized the annoying photobomber at the back. I don't know why we are so greedy when it comes to money that respect is being by-passed. Luneta is supposed to be a sacred place, it will always a place that will reminds every Filipino how valiant our race through the example of Rizal and putting this commercial establishment in its vicinity is pure disrespect.

Even falling leaves..
has its own story to tell, ikaw ano ang kwentong alamat mo?