Finding The Ruins

Finally - I found it.

This piece of ruins (a lovely one) is flooding my Facebook feeds from time to time. From relatives, friends, acquaintances and even celebrities. Their happy faces with her grandeur in the background are so envious that I want to visit it myself and to experience the same.

Just a minute away from Bacolod and the Bacolod-Silay airport. The Ruins in Talisay is one of the favorite attractions in Negros province. It's a remained of the grand mansion built in memory of Don Mariano Lacson's first wife, Maria Braga. The Lacsons are one of the prominent families in the island.

Designed in Italianate architecture with neo-Romanesque twin columns. The mansion was reduces to its skeletal frame after the United States Armed Forces in the Far East (USAFFE), a guerilla figthers during the Japanese occupation (WWW II) set it ablaze so it will not be used as headquarters by the Japanese soldiers.

With its oversized steelbars and meticulous way of pouring the A-grade mixture of concrete, the fire only burned the mansion's roof and the 2-inch thick wooden floors but the foundation remained strong and standing.

I was on a 5-day vacation last week. I had to attend a high school reunion (lol) and when you're on a tight schedule you won't go waste your time. I have chosen a 8 o'clock (AM) flight because I need to travel 120 kilometers outside south of Bacolod. That's roughly a 3-hour travel and I don't want being caught by the darkness, I mean it's a province - think of the Aswang, scary huh! Lol.

Translated, I have no extra time of going back to Bacolod for any chance of sight-seeings. So I decided from airport I'll go straight to The Ruins before heading home. While Talisay is just a spit away from Bacolod, fact of the matter, I have never explored the place. Not to mention, I am a notorious directionally challenged person like regardless how many times I have been to a place. Still I cannot guarantee, I can find it the next time I'll go alone (lol). Take Megamall for example - I mean, I've been to the place for all eternity (lol) but still I am spending most of my time finding my way out than the shopping itself, (lol). Any idea why I love online shopping? Now you know (right, Manny?).

Ligawen talaga ako, ako na ang may mahabang hair (actually sumasayad siya). Lol.

From airport, I have taken the shuttle van going to Bacolod and dropped myself at Talisay. Took a pedicab for Php50, and voila - I'm in The Ruins. I had to pay Php90 for the entrance. It's a small place actually and in the middle of a rice fields and sugarcanes. I was alone and enjoying taking picture when I realized I need to have pictures of my own with the Ruins in the background. That was the point of visiting the place, in the first place. I was scouting possible people who can help me take a picture. Then I found this boy who looks like he's working in the nearest canteen. He was accommodating, my willing victim - the submissive, to my delight, lol.

At first, he follows my cues when to take the picture but later on, it was him telling me to go to the different spots. Suddenly, I'm the submissive, lol.

Boy: Kuya akyat ka, doon kita kunan, maganda ang view (referring to the terrace, I followed him)
Ako: Ay sige, maganda nga kunyari nakadungaw ako (lol) (while climbing the stairs)
Boy: Kuya, tingin ka sa malayo
Ako: Huh! May drama? (in my mind but still follows him anyway)
Boy: Nice kuya ganyan nga, wagka muna gumalaw (but I suddenly look into his direction, he was peeping in between the stairs railings while holding the camera)
Ako: Aba, may drama nga! lol (in my thought and waited for his signal)
Boy: Ayos na Kuya (and while he handed me the finish product, I was amazed. Take a look. See the drama? Lol

All in all, it was him who directed me where to take the picture. Satisfied with the result, all I have to do is follow him. lol.

At one point he directed me to go to the spot where there is a mirror - well, according to him. It confuses me because I can't find a mirror in the whole place. I mean unless there is an invisible one around (this is magical - my side comment). Lol. Then he positioned himself to a small table. Putting the cellphone/camera on to the table, then lift it an inch higher, put it back to the table, lift it again. I was just observing him when finally he signaled me a thumbs up - meaning it's done.
It was only when he showed me the result that I realized, the mirror he was talking about, is actually the table. It was made of glass - indeed, a mirror (lol). The reason he was putting the phone on the table is to get the reflection.

I want to bring a small glass table in my next adventure for the special effect. lol.

I gave him Php100 for the effort, lol. Meanwhile, here are some of his sample pictures.

I've heard The Ruins is more lovely at night. Maybe, I'll give it another try the next time I'll visit Bacolod.

Ciao for now.

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