A Tale Of A Peanut Bitter

I swear, I love Peanut. Raw, roasted or boiled.

When I was a kid, Granny would visit us with a bag or sack of peanut, raw and still in its shell. Peanut is one of the crops she grows in her fields.

We were always ecstatic when Gran is coming home. Despite her age, she wouldn't mind carrying big baggages because she knows, we will be pleased. After my Father lost his job, we were struggling and it was granny who would help us in a way she's capable of.

My mother is always the envy of my Aunt (Mama) because she always the priority. Granny would just tell Mama that she love her too only that mother needs her most and beside her family is kind of well-off. And speaking of Mama, I know you're in grief right now with Papa's passing. We too are saddened for your loss. Our condolences, may Papa Rest In Peace, you finally rested and no more pain. Until then.

Okay, before I get carried away and start crying and I know, I'm off topic again. I told you, I am notorious with OT, lol. Now, let's get back to peanut. But you see, I really missed Gran, I'm her favorite, by the way (tama na) Lol. And will be missing Papa too.

Last week, I was shopping for my week of supply (food) because I ran out of sandwich spread. I am more of a fruit spread or anything sweets (especially chocolate) when it comes to sandwich dressing and as much as possible I want something that is less of the fats and sugar since I have this hypertension, ek ek, lol. So, atleast I am conscious with what I am eating now - yeah, fat chance. Sure, just don't show me a crispy pata or chocolates.

In short, I need to replenish my Full Circle Organic Wild Blueberry jam (kelangan may brand name talaga?. Lol). I love this fruit spread it's as if freshly cut into pieces after picking from its tree. I knew Blueberry with it's nutritional benefits and matter of fact is considered as one of the super fruits.

For grocery items, I preferred Shopwise because of its wide selection of imported items. I preferred imported products because let's face it compared to the local items when it comes to quality, it's like a billion light-years apart. I mean, local production or Filipino in general always has this psyche, the-pwede-na-yan attitude. Look at the people they installed as government officials. Trash is it? Oh well.

Now, when I was carefully scanning for the different products in the display rack, it happens that beside the Full Circle Blueberry jam are different variations of Smuckers' spreads. Smuckers is best known for Peanut Butter and I think the first to incorporate or combined two flavors into one bottle with its PB Stripes. There's a PB with Grapes stripes, Strawberry and Chocolate. My all time favorites and sounds yummy.

But there's a problem, I don't eat Peanut Butter. I know, I am always weird don't remind me. I knew it whole heartedly, lol. I have an eccentric taste buds. I'm very choosy when it comes to food and actually it's very unusual of me to have this hypertension ek ek again, lol. I mean, I'm not an eater (?), matter of fact, I only eat twice a day. But I only eat when I'm starve, I don't follow the timing convention of meals. I have no breakfast, lunch or dinner. All I know, is I'm gonna eat when I'm hungry. Yeah, I know it's un-healthy.

And beside the bizarre eating habit my favorite foods are limited to pork chop, crispy pata, chocolate, any sweets and I always like salty or even too salty food. My favorite fried chicken is the Shakey's chicken.God it tastes heaven better than sex, if you ask me, lol.

I don't eat Kare-kare. It's like in Jimmy Fallon segment Eeeewwww, lol and it's supposed to be everyone's (Pinoy) favorite and ironically there's a peanut on it. I also hate Palabok and apparently there's a peanut too, lol.

I don't know but I can't swallow when I tasted the peanut butter. It gets stuck, I need a water or soda to push it inside. It's weird because I love boiled peanut or roasted one. Actually sometimes, I get tempted to buy when a peanut vendor will get inside a commuter bus I am riding.

Then it caught me by surprise when I was unloading the grocery items I have bought. Holy shit, what is Smuckers doing in my grocery bag? I have no intention of buying this? What happen?

The idiot of me and I didn't even notice when I was in the counter. Well, I'm always the person who won't check what I have grabbed when in grocery especially if the queue is like waiting an MRT.

I checked my receipt, sheet na malagket it cost Php 269.00. I tried a bite, the chocolate as usual taste lovely but when I tasted the peanut. It watered my eyes as if choked.

I'm thinking of giving this to the owner of the house I am renting but I have no chance of seeing Manang, maybe tomorrow because it's Sunday, mag cross din ang mga landas namin, lol