Presenting Bela, The Lovely Mexican Fireleg Tarantula

I can hear you and I'm telling you - you are not the first and surely will not be the last who would give that same comment. Yes, I am WEIRD. What it's with you? Lol, galet (angry)?

But you see, weird is the new normal and matter-of-factly, it is the new cool. Yeah, I am oozing with coolness. Can you see it? Oh, you must be blind or has a defect on your eyesight. You need to see an Optometrist immediately, lol.

Well, what I'm saying is - while everyone is into cats, dogs or anything cute for pets. Me, on the other hands preferred the un-usual ones. Unlike dogs or cats that you can braid its hair (lol) or shop them with a clothes, a Tarantula is something that is very alarming to most people. Look at Ron (Harry Potter, lol), and he's supposed to be a man. What a lame-o, lol.

Now, before we get off topic.

Because once I started blabbing, I can't help myself, so you need to remind me, lol.

Now, Bela here is my new pet, it's a Mexican Fireleg and yes, she's a SHE. That's why her name is Bela and not Mico er, I mean Belo (ahaha).

This is my second Taratula, my first was Aragog, jr. No, I am not a Harry Potter fan, I have just overheard the name, lol. He was a Chaco Golden Knee and he was dead. Huhu, the same fate with Harry Potter's, Aragog. I told you, I am not a fan, lol. Male tarantula has a shorter life span compare to their female counter part who can live as much as 20 years while male can only manage for up to 2 to 4 years. That's why female tarantulas are usually expensive.

Petting (lol) er, I mean raising a Tarantula is a easy-peasy job, it's not very complicated, or unless touching roaches or worms is complication to you. You don't need to feed them on a daily basis, as a matter-of-fact, a tarantula can live a week or two without eating something. Yes, you can feed them once a week, if you really that busy or just a plain fart-arse-head (ass and head, do they go together (?) lol).

Tarantula are not for faint hearted. So, if you are fragile don't even imagine (lol) to have one. Scared of the eight-legged creature eh? And the scariest thing is the feeding. Well, feeding is not really that taxing but the thing is, you will be touching a roach or a worm. Isn't that disgusting? While these roaches or worms are abosolutely clean. I mean, these are cultured, you can even eat these and you won't get poisoned. But you see, it's roaches and worms, and they are alive. Scary huh! Lol.

For Bela, I am feeding her with the lateralis roach, yes, it's the same that you can see in your room lol but without the disgusting odor and they are small. I can't stand staring a dubia, it's also a roach but it's more flat, wide, black and eeeweness, lol.

I used to feed Aragog, jr with a superworm beacause he was a full adult. Bela is young and it's not advisable for a superworm, superworm are usually fierce. So to avoid them eating your tarantula (lol), wait for them to be fully adult.

The fun about having a tarantula is the molting. It's the time when they have to renewed their skin. If the Phoenix starts a fire to be a new one, tarantula has to ripped their skin aka Husk, to be new again. It's their way of aging.