Kris-kringle in February

Let me explain. Lol.

So I received my Kris-kringle just today. I know - it's supposed to be back in December. And it's like we are now in February and to think Valentines is in the next couple of days.

Imagine my reaction when I found a Power Mac bag on my table. Huh! Who is giving me an iPhone? Lol.

Like most of us - Filipinos, during the holiday seasons one of the things that we're ecstatic about is the gift giving or the exchanging of gifts.

During this time our boss would encourage us to have this traditional Christmas exhange gift - kris kringle. We start with the "anything or something" on every Fridays of the month in the amount of Php 50 and Php 500 or Php 1000 depending on what is being agreed on the last Friday. This year or rather last year, we have agreed for Php 500.

Each of us is required to submit a wishlist to make sure what you will get is something of your desire. You can compromise by agreeing to pay any amount in excess. This is also the time that Lazada will poised as Santa Claus with a charge. Lol.

I don't know what happened - that my supposed gift is coming late. I'm sure am a nasty person (lol) but I am not the emotional. I mean, I am the casual and happy go lucky type of person, 'big deal'  is something that cannot be attributed to me. Being said, I just keep it cool but the other week out of the blue I have mentioned to some of my co-workers that I did not receive my kris-kringle. In a light way of comment ofcourse.

In my wishlist, I put that I want a cellphone cover. And it's very specific, I want a Cotton On and the color is something a camo (camouflage) inspired. It cost Php 599. Supposedly, I'll be paying the excess which is Php 99.

Today, I came in with a Power Mac bag beside my Laptop. Not that I'm sneaky but hey it's my table hello (lol). I have taken a peeked ofcourse. It's a cellphone cover. Oh this must be my Kris-kringle. Lol.

It's a Verus Verge Military Cover. The price is not removed, in case I'll go ballistic because with the lateness and all. It reads Php 1,300. Oh this is late, I am not paying the excess. Lol. I found a notes - a sorry notes. It says he wasn't able to find the color I wanted in the Cotton On store. So he finds another store and he got this. Adding, I hope I like it. So what do you think? Is it okay if I should like this? Lol. Uma-awra. Haha.

Verus is an established name when it comes to quality cell phone cover. The Verge in itself is one of its best selling cellphone case because of its chic, light and comfy design. Crafted to offer amazing protection despite being incredibly slim with a beautiful appearance.

Improve shock absorption against external impact. The case is made of both a TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) unibody and a metallic finish hard polycarbonate shell that you can detach from the TPU body giving a hybrid combination of offering protection and helps keep the size to minimum.

It comes with a two-tones color combination of high standard UV coating that prevents color from fading. It also has an easy access to the device buttons and ports for easy use.

Its key features:
  • Drop Protection
  • Dual Layered Case
  • Detailed Hair Line (color)
It comes with an authenticity serial number so you can check if it's genuine. The price starts at $21 to $26 at max.

Currently, I'm using this transparent gel case cover. And so far, I have no problem with it but I think it's time to explore.

Lol. And I'm supposed to be waiting for a water -proof cellphone cover that I found on Facebook. It will be coming in a month. So, expect I'll be blabbing about it too (lol) once it arrives. Haha.

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