Jackie Chan and His Stunt Team in a Tear-jerking Reunion

"For forty years,  we've been through thick and thin. Fractured bones, broken limbs. Sent to a hospital at 5 or 6 in the morning. No one sees that at the theatre. Even as I receive the Academy Honorary Award, this Oscar is shared among all of us."  - in his acceptance speech.

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Back in November 2016, Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan received his Honorary Oscar from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences for his decades of contribution in the movie industry. 

As he thanked the Academy for the bestowed honor - he never forget the people who helped him in his journey. Noting, he did not get there alone. In his acceptance speech he especially thanked his team JC stunt team whom he addressed them 'brother/s' for their loyalty and devotion to a dangerous craft. 

Photo: Screengrab from the video

Formed in 1976, the Jackie Chan's Stuntmen Association was a group of stuntmen and martial artists created to work regularly with him.

As a return gesture, his stuntmen brothers gave him tribute in a January, 20 episode of a Chinese variety show - The Negotiator. He was seen moved to tears for every comments from his conrades of 40 years.

Photo: Screengrab from the video

He was mostly remembered for his warm and acts of kindness extended to them. Including helping them to buy their own houses, cars and even to its earliest days when the actor have to share his actor's fee equally among them.

It was in the 5-minute mark of the video that the most heart-warming surprise took place when he turns around on stage - realizing he's facing his stuntmen who's for moments has been standing behind him. He was broke to tears, hugging them one by one and commenting they should have a get together once every year to preserves the bond that they have all shared as they are now getting old.

Photo: Screengrab from the video

Here's the video and make sure you have your tissue on your side while watching. I too had to shed some..  and then some. Lol. 

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