#KwentongJollibee and Love in Different Forms

Shortly after the video was released Friday morning on its Facebook page - the 'VOW', first of its #KwentongJollibee Valentine series. Philippine fast-food giant took social media by storm by making it the trending topic both on Facebook and Twitter since yesterday. In fact, Jollibee is on top among the trending topic on Twitter at the moment (2/10/17 1:07AM/PST).

As of today, the 'Vow' has more than half a million 'Likes' or reactions on Facebook with close to half a million (> 440k) 'Shares' and more than 20 million views.

'Vow' is a story of any of us who has been loyal to someone we truly love - loving that person unconditionally despite the uncertainty of having a return.

In the video (Mark Joseph Tam) plays a friend to (Melissa Lauren Atadero), it showing Atadero's wedding and while walking on the aisle, Tam is having a flashback of their happy memories. Ofcourse, with Jollibee being a part of it - one way or another.

From the looks of it - it's as if, it's their wedding only to reveal in the end that she's marrying someone else. He is the 'Best Man' to his best-friend's wedding. A best friend he adores and fall in love all his life. Directed by Ianco dela Cruz and created by McCann Worldgroup Philippines and Straight Shooters Media, Inc.

Ang saklap mga 'bes' di ba! Lol.

Credits: Jollibee

Oops, pero bumawi naman sila sa 'CRUSH'. Lol.

This second installment ‘Crush' echoes, that in love, success is only for those who waits. Directed by Joel Ruiz, a persistent admirer (Enrico Cuenca), the kind of guy that we are rooting for, may not have succeeded in pursuing his crush (Ashely Ortega) at first but in the end, proves that true love waits.

Credits: Jollibee

And the third of its Valentine series is 'Date. This time about family. It explores the grim realities of love and life in general, yet it brings light and how the power of love conquers the odd.  A son is being coached by his father to prepare a Valentine date. 

The decoration, the flowers, the balloons and a table for two.

In a recorded video of the father and from the looks of it like he's sick (in a hospital bed) and we can only assume the father has lost his battle - unable to make it on Valentine's day, he pre-record a video to his son on what to do on Valentines.  He wants his son to do it in his behalf - the thing they do on V-day.

Moving if you ask me. The video is directed by Pepe Diokno.

Credits: Jollibee

The #KwentongJollibee is a campaign launched in 2016, an online series depicting the life of every Filipino - on challenges and victories in their own unique love story with Jollibee.

In this year’s Valentine series, Jollibee told us the different facet of love. Inspired from true stories - featuring the various forms of love among us.

Indeed, love does not comes in one form. It could be a best friend, an admirer or family. What matters, regardless of its form it should be worth to always celebrate that gift.

Sa Jollibee,  bida ang sawi.  Lol

Ikaw ano ang kwentong alamat mo?