Say It With A Heartbeat


Alright, I just saw a new video from El Gamma Penumbra Facebook page. It's a tribute video for Valentines Day (today). I'm always a fan of EGP, these lots are so talented - I mean giving life to a shadow,  how wicked is that? Lol.

For my International fans (yeah, still the two of you), EGP is an all male shadow play group based in the Philippines best known to be the first Asia's Got Talent grand winner. Its ticket to the title is their unique way of telling a story interpreted through a shadow play.  Hence the name gamma (ray of light) and penumbra (shadow).

In their Facebook post it captioned (Englisin ko, may International readers nga ako di ba, Lol). 

"Sometimes we are wrong in choosing whom to love.
Hurt for loving the wrong person and cried for the wrong reason.
But sometimes we need to stumble in order to rise and find the right person
because in God's perfect time there will be someone to prove us why he is the one
and not..  those other ones."

Here's the video, interpreted through a song Heartbeat by Christopher.

Happy Valentines Day - para sa lahat ng mga nagmamahal at pilit na magmamahal kahit na walang kapalit. #KwentongJollibee eto bida ang sawi. Lol. 

Basta ano man ang mangyari - just say it with a heartbeat.

Credits: Faceboook, El Gamma Penumbra

Parang mamasan lang ang babae sa video. Ipag-shopping daw ba ang jowa,  pati pag gupit. Hehe. 

And to you.  Yes,  you. I'll see you on Saturday.  Let's get seminal this weekend.  Lol.

Ikaw ano ang kwentong alamat mo?