Happy Birthday to Me


Got a treat from Starbucks. 

Yay, a slice of Mango cake. I told you, I love Mango flavored cakes. Actually for a cake, yes - Mango is heaven but when it comes to a smoothies and shakes, Strawberry is on top of my list. And for Ice Cream, I"ll die for a Langka (Jack fruit). Pero pag nilaga (lol) - siyempre pareho kami ni De Lima. Saging na saba din, ahaha.

The cake is a complimentary treat from Starbucks if you are celebrating your birthday. Once you have registered your Starbucks card you are automatically entitle for the rewards So, sakay na! Lol.

I was busy last night on my shift that I have been so drawn, I have to refrain from taking breaks. I had a deadline to finish. My task needs to be executed in a Cisco portal and our Internet is so slow it's frustrating. While waiting for the computer to process, out of the blue, I opened my Starbucks account. I want to inquire my balance incase a long night is needed. Then I realized I have an unclaimed rewards. The complimentary birthday slice cake. And it will be expired today if not claimed.

I was like huh! because my birthday was from two months ago. I've been to Starbucks many times after my birthday but it never occur to me to claim the rewards. Parang ang jologs lang kasi. Pero dahil last day na lang, nagpaka-jologs ako - sayang ang 'miles', haha. Actually, I have more than 30 stars in my card - gusto ko sana i-redeem na din ang free drinks pero parang 'patay gutom' lang ang peg lahat libre. Lol. 

I still have enough credits, so I charged it to my card. It's still free but in a way, medyo totyal na. Oh antaray. Haha.

Psst, birthday ko.. at tumatanggap pa rin.

Ikaw ano ang kwentong alamat mo?