Family-focused new DOT TVC

Have you seen the new Tourism Ad campaign yet?

While they are not dropping the "It's More Fun in The Philippines" tagline, instead they went a notch higher by adding a twist. This time, they have justified why it is more fun in the Philippines. And they have answered it in a clever way by providing the strongest trait of the Filipino. Family. Why not, being the core component of society. Giving everyone the assurance that we (Filipino) always treat everyone as family is a good start. We have proven that from time immemorial. They won't call us 'hospitable' people for nothing.

In her Facebook page, Tourism ASec Kat de Castro uploaded a video for DOT new Ad campaign. In her post she said that despite the busy schedule because of the Miss Universe hosting, still they were able to find time for the shooting of the campaign.

The video is first of its series and entitled - ANAK (child).

It features the Enchanted River in Hinatuan, Surigao.

In the video a traveler named Jack Ellis is being offered a food by a motherly looking woman who called him 'Anak'. Puzzled, he ask a man what anak means. Conceptualized with the help of advertising agency McCann Erickson. The campaign will have its world debut when it will be aired as commercial during the live telecast of Miss Universe on Monday, January 30.

For more of the TVC, please watch below.
Credits: Asec Kat de Castro

I don't know but is it me or is me (lol)? The TVC has a resemblance to Jollibee commercials - ofcourse, minus the Chicken Joy. Do you agree? Lol.

What do you think of this campaign?

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