Duterte: Mamasapano a US CIA Operation

Today, in 2015 - at least 60 people were killed including 44 soldiers (PNP-SAF) in a clash with the rebel groups MILF and BIFF in Mamasapano, Maguindanao after a police operation Codename: Oplan Exodus was initiated. The operation was intended to capture wanted Malaysian terrorist and bomb maker Zulkifli Bin Hir alias Marwan. He was also killed in the clash. A $5 million bounty was on his head.

Oplan Exodus was a controversial police operation secretly planned by selected personnel in the agency and few people in the government. Only former president  and General Purisima were directly and actively involved with the planned operation. Rumor has it - the operation was supposed to be Aquino's pet project on war against terrorism, hoping it would put him for shot of a Nobel Peace prize nomination.

And what even fishy about this operation is the person supervises is no less than former PNP chief Police Director General Allan Purisima who by that time already serving a suspension for Graft and Corruption practices. Not to mention, the use of SAF men which according to President Duterte, SAF are supposed to combat only urban situations specifically on urban terrorism. He added, the operation was a US-CIA operation after there are evidences of coordination  with US Army special forces and even seen in the crime scene after.

Speaking before the family of the Fallen in Malacanang on Tuesday, President Rody Duterte assured the families he will re-open the case.

"I will appoint men of integrity and honor. Kung tanggapin nila (if they accept), then I’ll choose mostly justices of the Supreme Court, maybe a few from the civilian sector, maybe a lawyer," Duterte said in a speech in Malacanang."

Here's a video for the complete speech of the President.

Credits: News5
It's been already two years, families of the fallen deserve justice.

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