Colorful Spiral Cord Charger Cable Protector

Tired of the same old bland cellphone charger cable? Yeah, I'm tired (lol).

Today, where smart phones are as staple as having a required morning coffee. It is only right to treat them as valuable treasure. I mean why not, some of them even cost more than your life (lol).  

Last month I had to bring my iPhone to the service center for diagnostic. Got an issue with the battery, it drained so fast that 25 minutes is its longest on full charged despite the fact that battery is supposedly still at a reasonable 30% life. It was found out that the battery is fully utilized and could no longer function. It's too soon for a year - isn't it? 

Hell, I'm a heavy user and the un-disciplined one. My hotspot is open 24/7, everyday, I left my device over-charged and on some ocassions I had to use a generic lightning cable (non Apple accessory) when I'm in the office because I don't want to bring my Apple charger. Oh what a mess and dirty. What used to be a pearly white cable is now looks like an elongated  booger (lol). I swear parang nilapirot na kulangot talaga haha.

Not only it looks like a booger but its intestine is now starting to comes out from the closet (ay, bading haha). The outer layer has also started breaking, unlike Android charger that is rubberized like most of standard cables. Apple somewhat has this crisp feel.

So when my phone was fixed I bought a charger cable and adapter. And again unlike Android charger that adapter and cable is bundled or goes together. For Apple, you have to buy separately. Argh. Adapter is worth Php 1099 while a cable of half a meter is Php 599, one meter is Php 1099 and the two meters is Php 1599. Ha! Maintaining an iPhone is expensive, is it? #iPhonePaMore. Lol.

I bought the two meters cable, I want it long. Lol. And a 12W adapter so it can be also used on iPads. 

I got this idea, the cable protection ek ek from an office mate. Why not - knowing how expensive these accessories are. Not to mention the coolness it will bring. I mean, a charger in rainbow color isn't that a wow. Clever if you ask me.

You can buy this spiral cord cable protector at any Tiangge or Malls (nationwide?)  at Php15 or Php12 apiece. If you're a sweet tongue then get it @ Php10. A one meter cable may need five cords. My two meters cable needs eight cords to covers all.

How to? Here's the video.

Credits: TMY Kid TV

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