Trying New With Old Spice

When it comes to bath soap, I prefer old time favorites or imported ones. Social climber ako eh, ano ba - lol. I love the manly smell of Irish Spring, especially its classic green. My favorite by the way, although it's hard to find these days. I don't think this is even distributed in any SM or Robinsons supermarkets - so far, I don't see any. However this product is available in some of Shopwise stores from time to time. 

That's why when it comes to grocery hunts, I prefer Shopwise. I'm a fan of imported goods, rare to find and classic goods not available in mainstream supermarket like SM can be found here. Chocolates, chips, cookies, spreads of never heard (atleast for us - Filipinos, lol) brands, you can find it here.

The last time I have picked a bath soap at Shopwise was a Dial (you know of Dial soap when you're young I'm sure - circa 80s) because I don't see an Irish Spring on display at that time. Shopwise (atleast on the branch I am frequently shop - Don Antonio) has this annoying habit of re-arranging its display racks often. Today's display could be filled with another items the next day. You have to find it again in another corner. Sometimes, they would put it together according to its related uses - the next it will be sorted whether it's local or imported. Hah!

Although the Dial soap I have purchased before was a strawberry (lol) inspired scent. Yes, pa-girl but I have no choice, I can't find the classic gold, so ma-try nga, imported naman eh. Lol. Actually, favorite ko din mga fruit scented soaps.

I was running out of bath soap yesterday,  the last of the Body Shop soap I have - the Satsuma scented is frequently slipping on my grasp when rubbed on my body because of the reduced size.

So, I decided to visit Shopwise for any trace of Dial or Irish Spring. But no luck - nada. Yes, both soaps are not available but while going into the maze, I passed through a section with imported items for grooming are displayed. It includes bath soap, shower gel, lotions and shampoos. Cetaphil, Dove, and some imported brands I have never heard of.

I was intrigued particulary on the item in red packaging. With its blood red presentation, no doubt an eye catcher. Giving a deeper look, I realized it's an Old Spice product. Old Spice is America's traditional male grooming products dates back in 1937. Prior to my grocery spree (isang sabon lang ang binili, spree na agad. Lol). Well, like the other day, I was browsing a Youtube channel when I bumped into this really old, Old Spice TV commercial. A vintage TV ad from 1972. I wasn't even born at that time. I love the commercial because it reminds me of a movie of yester years. Feeling nostalgia ang peg. Lol. Here's for your viewing pleasure. Hindi naman siya nakakatawa pero mapapa-smile ka. Lol.

Credits: robatsea2009

Hence, the idea of trying this product is because of the video I have watched. So, I picked one box. It contains two bar soaps. There are two scents available by the way, the Timber and Swagger. I have chosen the Timber. I might get the Swagger when I'll finished consuming the two.

Love the smell of Timber. It has a strength of redwood and the mystic scent of mint that will makes you feel clean with a refreshing sense that doesn't break you out from other heavily perfumed competitor bar soaps.

How about you. Have you tried this soap?

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