Si Bato Binato

Bato gets stoned.

And the guy is supposed to be celebrating his birthday. Yesterday - yes, January 21, he turns 55.

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He was spotted on top of himself as one of those enjoying a Bryan Adams concert. No news - he is PNP's resident walking karaoke (lol). Man, he loves singing (I want to hear him sing - Nung Ako'y Bata Pa, lol). How many time have you ever seen him sing or of his shared videos while singing on some occasions. My last recollection he was in a rock concert. I forgot the name of the concert but he was jamming with a band singing Bamboo's Tatsulok. And man - no contest, the guy can sing.

Now, why Bato?

One of the trending topics on social media this week is the call for PNP chief Ronald 'Bato' dela Rosa to resign from his post. This, after the killing of a South Korean businessman, Jee Ick Joo. And not just a normal killings because the incident actually happened inside or near the vicinity of Camp Crame. You know what is Camp Crame, right? Yes, home to the country's so-called protector - our police, in their national headquarters. And you think that's the worst? No, there's more. Lol. The person behind the crime is actually one of their own. The crime is attributed as another 'Hulidap' (a local term coined to a crime committed by a police or people in uniform to extort money from its victims that on worst cases lead to a death of the victim) case. So, are you feeling safe right now? I know! Frustrating, if you ask me.

From time immemorial our police force has consistently the biggest problem of this country. They are the ones who usually engaged mostly on illegal activities. Those civilians you've heard for the crimes especially related to drugs are just accessories. The brains are these people in uniforms. Yes, if the President wants a clean or a disciplined State. He should starts cleaning the ranks of our Police force or the military in general. 

The oplan #BatoResign obviously came from the losing supporters. Liberal Party supporters, LP fanatics, or what popularly known as - The Yellows. These are the people who from day-in and day-out, after going to church, gossips its neighbors and poised as perfectly mannered individuals - its rituals include finding faults of the government. Let's be very specific here - Duterte government that is. Because these were the same people who were playing blind during the Aquino administration. Come on, everything in the Aquino government was so wrong and you havent heard these people complaining. 

Also, included in the personality who advised Bato to quit his job is House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez. A pro Duterte Congressman who despite in alliance with the Duterte admin, consistently getting a poor trust ratings on every surveys conducted, different from the fate of  Bato and the President who always enjoys a high satisfaction ratings from the people. Seriously, I don't know what this guy is up to? I mean, this non-performing Congressman or Speaker - who is he? Aside from the blabbing, what good about him?

Bato was deeply criticized because inspite of what happened, he was seen having a good time at a concert. And even added to the anger was his remarks. 
"Matagal nang patay ang biktima noong nanood
ako ng concert. Mabuhay ba ang ang Koreano
kung hindi ako manood?"

Sure, sounds like 'sarcasm on the floor', lol. But yes, he cannot bring the victim back to life. What he can do for now is to make sure the culprit will be punished in accordance to our law. And I'm sure the agency is already investigating the case. The fact that they have already identified the man behind the killing is a good start.

But what even more interesting in this case, is that the alleged suspect PO3 Ricky Santa Isabel is some how linked to General Garbo. To refresh your memory, retired PNP Deputy Director General Marcelo Garbo is one of the 'narco generals' named by no less than the President when he started his term - also the start of his 'War on Drugs' campaign. And who is General Garbo? Let's put it this way. He was one of the so-called Roxas generals (also happened to include some of those narco generals, being named) - Roxas best of the lots. An avid Roxas supporters. 

Now, isn't it fishy?

NO. I don't agree Bato's resignation. He is passionate and sincere with his job. There's is no other better person for the post. Knowing how corrupt the agency (PNP) is. Remember the time when he cried during a Senate inquiry? Yes, he cried of frustration because despite the fact that he is working hard to make the agency bring back its credibility to the Filipino psyche. Still, there are few or better yet too many in their ranks that are so rotten you want to vomit.

Yes, like you - I am also frustrated with what is happening in our police force. But hey, Bato is just starting, give him a year or two before complaining. I mean, you have endured and actually never whines on Purisima while doing nothing?

Again, drop the crazies. There is no other person fit for a PNP Chief except Bato, in the same way that there is NO other person fit for President except DUTERTE.

Mga atat. Lol.

How about you? Do you agree with #BatoResign?

Ikaw ano ang kwentong alamat mo?