Noel and Levy, $200 Thanksgiving Contest

Okay guys as I have told you, a friend is having a contest and she called it a Thanksgiving Contest. This contest is from the combined power of the young couple Noel and Levy. This tech savvy couple had been very lucky for the past years in terms of online opportunities so they want to share their blessings with the others. Isn’t it so world peace? Lol!

So if you want to be part of that blessing then this is the right time. Joining the contest will give you chances of winning any of these tempting prizes.

First Prize - $100
Second Prize - $30
Third Prize - $20
Fourth & Fifth Prize will each get a $10
Plus five (5) consolation prizes that each would receive $5 and month duration of AD placement to selected sponsor's blog and mind you with a PR of more than 3.

How to join? Here are the steps to make you illegible for the contest. Please take note you follow all the instructions to joining the contest or your entry will be declared null.

Don’t worry I’ll make it easy for you; it’s just like sipping hot coffee and having pandesal in the morning.

So here it goes:

  1. To join the contest, you should be a blogger and that your blog should atleast one (1) month old.
  2. Blog about the contest with the banner and the complete list of its sponsors.

    Here are the sponsors.

    It's obviously a long list of sponsors eh but don't worry just copy and paste the code inside the box and bingo all the sponsors will be listed at once.

  3. Now the next step, is to put the contest badge at the sidebar of your blog.
    Make sure this 125 x 125 widget is on and running during the duration period and has the link to blog's contest.

    I told you this is like having a coffee, so again you just copy and paste the code in the box and put this on your side bar.

  4. So are you lost yet? Oh don't be, we're getting to the end, promise lol.
    Now that you have all the list of the sponsors and the badge was on your sidebar, it's time to subscribe to both feeds of the couple's RSS, just put your email address to the textboxes and subscribe.

    Enter your email address:

    Delivered by FeedBurner
    Enter your email address:

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  5. After you have subscribed to both feeds, it's time to create a blog post that would answer a question, "What will I do if I win $200"?

    Aren't you excited yet? Anyways, this should be a separate post, like this one, by the way my entry to the contest;)

    After you created the post make sure to share it with your Facebook and ask everyone to comment about it. I mean as if you badly needed to win lol.

    After all the criterias would be like these, 150% - creativity of the write-up, 230% - popularity of the blog, so you really need to be popular like Justin Bieber lol, and lastly 320% - general impact, I don't know how they would judge this one, maybe the angas factor of the post toinkz.

That's it. See, I told you, it's just having a coffee.... after you have fallen from dizziness lol.

Good luck guys.

Contest period is from June 7 to June 30, 2010 and winners will be announced on the 4th of July, isn't it sounds celebration already?


wow... this is great... a rear opportunity to earn money but it's not that easy... what will i do if i am the lucky. i will deposit said amount.