Pesenting Aragog, Jr. My New Pet

Are you hearing this Hagrid?

I have bought an overpriced (a realization out of experiences based on the series of events that friends are actually more of a liabilities than an assets, lol) tarantula from a friend recently. It wasn’t in my plan to buy one; simply because for one, I am not into pets and taking care of something (to nurture) unfortunately is not one of my many skills, lol. So any idea why I’m still an eligible bachelor these days? Haha!

We have an aquarium full of goldfishes display in the sala of our house and my sister would sings animatedly everyday while feeding the swimming creatures or while enthusiastically cleaning the tank but for me it was just flat and never gave me the excitement even a bit.

Then sometimes, I was at the mall and seen cute bunnies in the cage. They were really cute that I had to buy a pair. I want to try my hands how to breed a pet. The first three days were fun and exciting, diligently went to the groceries to buy fruits and some leafy vegetables for their food. Uh that was fun chopping the food. Then fourth day came and I was bored. In the fifth day, I was tired cleaning the room for the poos scattered around. The next day I threw them outside my door with a prayer, they would find a new and pet loving owner.

Now, back to my tarantula, I named him Aragog, Jr. In tribute to Hagrid’s Aragog (I just missed Harry Potter, isn’t JK writing any Potter books?).

Aragog, Jr. belongs to one of the larger species of tarantula called the Chaco golden knee (Grammostola pulchripes is the scientific name) formerly known by Grammostola aureostriata and that can be expected to reach between 20-22 cms or 8.5 inches and with a lifespan of 2 to 4 years, named after its attractive golden bands on and around its legs.

They make an attractive pet because the Chaco tends to be more docile and the calm species of tarantula. Flashy in appearance, bearing long light-colored hairs all over its body and gold stripes on its legs, particularly at the “knees” and is an opportunistic burrowing terrestrial tarantula. They tend to burrow while younger and adopt a pre-existing hide as its home when it begins to mature.

Aragog, Jr is 18 months old and is now 3 inches big and preferred super worm to be his prey. For the meantime I have customized him a 7 x 7 in glass house to be his home.

Isn’t he lovely?

Now that I have bought his (friend) tarantula he’s now pissing me to buy one of his pets and this time, a scorpions with a level 3 venom.

What do you think?