Playing Doppelganger!

My friend Patrick (itago naten sa pangalang ganyan lol) asked me if I could pretend to be his cousin, and that he will divert his incoming call to my phone.

Ofcourse I was taken aback!

Hello, this could mean an acting prowess and I haven’t had any acting experiences before though I had plan of enrolling myself, supposed to be this summer at ABS-CBN talent center haha – fat chance! Awright, last line is a joke.

Anyways back to my acting (lol), he gave me instructions on what to do and that the scenario should be like this; he instructed the girl to call me if his phone is out-of-reach because he runs out of battery, his lame excuse by the way.

And in my part, I’ll pretend to be his cousin and when a girl named Keiz (eto itago din naten) rings me up; I’ll answer her using the name of Wayne - the cousin of Patrick (eto wag na itago ilabas na naten, haha). And that I’ll convince the girl that he’s on his way to megamall to rendezvous her.

These two were supposed to attend a swimming grand eye-ball (GEB) of their clan, (somewhere in Noveleta, Cavite). But on the last minute Patrick had backed-out, unable to talk straight (explain) to the girl, he asked me for a help - the mental old prat and I bet this is the classic saying of what friend are really for? Uh! I don’t wanna make friends from now on, lol.

At exactly thirty five minutes past ten my cellphone started vibrating (my cellphone always in a silent mode); I had a second thought if I’ll answer the phone but in the end I picked it up.

Er! Hi, hello!”, sabi ko.
Yes! Are you Wayne?”, sabi ni Keiz.
Uh Yeah, I am Wayne – you must be Keiz then?”, hirit ko.
Weh! Yep, where’s Patrick?", pagpapacute ni Keiz.
Oh Patrick, he just left and he's going to Megamall, I understand you’ll be meeting him?”, pag-uumpisa ng acting ko haha.
Uh good, I’ve been here for hours waiting for him. And his cellphone is off”, kwento niya.
Ahh! Maybe he runs out of battery, just wait for him he must be beside you by now hehe”, parang napatotoo ang acting ko, natawa sya tok.
Thanks Wayne, I’ll call you again, if he won’t show up in 30 minutes”. Pagtatapos nya.

And she bids goodbye.

That was my first attempt to acting, don't you think it's promising? lol

The highlight of my acting in my next post… and there’s a twist, so you need to visit my blog again haha – pang trapik ba ito?


Even falling leaves..
has its own story to tell, ikaw ano ang kwentong alamat mo?