The Altered-ego!

Previously I posted about my acting debut (tok danun!). It was very promising for a first attempt; matter-of-factly I have convinced the girl that I am Wayne - the cousin of Patrick. We had a very lengthy conversation; blimey she’s talkative (lol) and the way our conversation progresses, we’re as if friends for a long time.

The good news about my acting, the bad news; it turned out to be a nightmare – well at least for me because the girl started to be very annoying. I mean, she would call me every 10 minutes interval and I am not the person who is fond of telebabad (talking to the phone like there’s no tomorrow) and keep on asking where in the world is Patrick.

Patrick and his pamangkin

I told her for so many times that I have no clue at all because for crying-out-loud I’m supposed to pretend like I am clueless, hello! (haha).

Can you imagine the temper that I had to unleash because she keeps on calling me till the next day; not to mention the unusual time of 2 in the morning using different SIMs (number), she’s so kulet (annoying) tok ang conyo haha.

I sent her an sms for the last time saying, "WILL YOU GET OVER IT!"

"Now you know, why I am hiding from her, haha" teased Patrick while grinning mischievously in front of me and the real Wayne.

I want to cut his head!

To this very day, Keiz still sends me forwarded inspirational messages, lol.

Even falling leaves..
has its own story to tell, ikaw ano ang kwentong alamat mo?