Chow fun and the smells of hiccup!

Last Sunday, 13 June was San Pascual town fiesta and we were invited by a friend to come and see the celebration. San Pascual has a unique way to celebrate its fiesta. Everywhere you go but food of different Pinoy delicacies.

We headed the road and left Manila at exactly thirty minutes past nine. Traveling going to Batangas was bearable that in no time we’re at San Pascual.

We rested a few minutes while Nanay (friends mom) busy preparing food on the table, few minutes more and we were told to occupy the seats in the dining room. We’re all excited because we were so hungry; none of us have actually eaten breakfast back in Manila because we were advised there’s gonna be a flood of foods.

Indeed, all time Pinoy delicacies and Pinoy favorite foods were serve at the table; Adobo, Pancit, Lupiang Shanghai and Sariwa, Molo, Patatin, and a lot more of which I’m clueless of the name. And here comes my all time favorite - fruit salad. I always have these cravings with fruit salad, that I can’t help myself but to serve two servings.

Nanay would visit us from time to time and gave that friendly smile while saying to feel at home and be comfortable.

I was so full as if I couldn’t breathe but still I had to finish my beer. I have eaten a lot that walking and breathing suddenly became hard lol.

And here’s the most dreadful news, our friend advised us to get ready because we’re visiting several houses and that means another round of intestinal battle, que horror!

We visited a total of six houses all are her (friend) relatives. At the third house, I was officially declared TKO, I was sweating and cannot put any more object inside my stomach.

Uh the shrimps were so big and not to mention the fruit salad again, it so tempting but the only thing I can do is to watch them while eating sumptuously and wondering how big their stomach could be?

At six in evening we decided to heads home ofcourse with the traditional pinoy culture, the pinoy congeniality because Nanay insisted that we had to bring a balot (a wrap full of foods).

I was still sweating as we drove the long Star tollway and upon our exit, I started having hiccups to my annoyance. Then one of my friends reacted and started asking us who farted because according to her she was sure she smelled one. “It wasn’t me, I wish I could fart”, I said and so as the others.

Then Sunnie the daughter of my friends who's been laughing way back from Batangas and making fun of my hiccups said, “Tito Dennis hiccups smells of beer”.

Ah what!

I drank a glass of water when I was home and my hiccup totally gone. I could have bought a bottle of mineral water along the highway, if I knew it was the cure.

Even falling leaves..
has its own story to tell, ikaw ano ang kwentong alamat mo?