MacArthur and the faces of Pinoy Society

His style of writing proves that simple and straight forward words inflected with humor in between would just enough to convince and impress readers.

Macarthur is his sixth published works; Bob Ong in this book, attempted to show his readers the true picture on how our society was forged – of course in various colors.

A story of four friends who came from different and dysfunctional families that battles for survival to fit in our society.

Each, has its own story to tell and an issue to deal with; an abandoned child who seek refuge to the comfort of others - longs for the love of a mother and wish to be reunited with real family, a well-off yet a family of chaos, an early marriage that resulted to poverty and a big yet simple family who its only wish is to have a decent meal each day.

And in moments of desperation, its way to escape reality is to seek the help and comfort of powdered drugs.

Four friends, the very faces that each make a good representation of our society or should I say (?) dysfunctional society.

How many Cyrus, Noel, Jim and Voltron do we have to witness? How many of them do we have to see all over again and again on the streets or on T.V? Read their stories on daily papers? Or heard their plight over the radio?

Macarthur is a dark saga that tells us the truth behind our Pinoy culture. Bob Ong illustrated us the determining factors of what have become of our society.

Now that a new government is coming, I am expecting you to bring them (us) to the right path you have promised. It’s time to cure this ailing society.

Seriously! How many Tatay Justo would risks their lives before we address the problem?