Why I will not vote for Noynoy!

This post is a parody to the widely circulated article called “Why I will vote for Noynoy”. You see, the piece has finally landed my inbox. My former boss whom I respect dearly forwarded me the email; the essay was supposed to be written by Winnie Monsod, a loyal follower to the Aquinos.

But she denied responsibility for the article and that any statement that can be attributed to her can only be viewed through her PDI’s (Philippine Daily Inquirer) Get Real, Somersaulting Court or on her BusinessWorld column, Calling A Spade or her GMA News TV blog. She further added and addressed to the real author/s of WIWVFN, to come out and be counted and that hiding behind from others is an act of a coward.

Reading the email is no doubt a direct assault to the presidential aspirant Manny Villar. Manny Villar, who runs under the platform of transforming the poorest of poor into a billion peso man (Whoa, how’d he do that? fat chance lol), happens to be very effective that easily wins sympathy among the masses and so despite controversies over the extended C-5 road issues, survey says he is most likely to be the next president of the republic, as he’s catching up with Noynoy (Oh, God have mercy on us). His political jingle have actually become the national anthem among the kids, and generating many mock versions using the tune, ranging from how’s the life without DOTA and or how school is bad for the kid lol.

The article is trying to tell us, how Manny Villar is dying to get the highest position in the land for his own bested interest. How he would use his power to further grow his business and money the moment he is elected. Of course, this is by citing numerous and very convincing examples on how corrupt a person he is.

In my opinion, after hearing stories from both parties Manny Villar is no doubt guilty of this C-5 road extension scandal. Why won’t he answer personally the allegations if he’s not hiding something?

Now let’s go to Noynoy, why after reading the email, I’m still not voting for him. Aside from the fact that his political record is average (the email says so but I disagree - for me his below average). Accept it, he is not his father. Don’t push him too much from becoming his father; don’t you see the pressure he’s going through? You are robbing him his life, politics is not his genre and given the choice he better want to play with his nephews and have a quiet life with his family but due to his ever popular mom and dad he opted public service.

Being clean and morally clean is not the ticket for a good president. A president needs to have a mind of his own and can decide independently without his sisters and friends in the background. To be the president of an ailing republic, one must have the conviction to cure it. And Noynoy is not that person. And why he only decided to run for president after his mother’s death?

By the way, Noynoy Aquino, Manny Villar, Gibo Teodoro and Erap are not the only contender for president. Look for the capabilities of a person and not the numbers on the survey. You might surprise, the person who can really bring Philippines to be the first world country is among those, who is placing less than 4% in the survey.

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