Rakion: Chaos Force

I remember the days when Counter Strike was the talk of the town. Our Network Administrator would install the application and after office hour we had to extend an extra hour by playing the game. Of course this should be with the consent of our IT head and mind you, he would even invite friends from other department to go challenged us, to make the sessions even more fun. The guard on duty would visit us from time to time and left convinced we’re all busy with our work because each one of us busied with our monitor as if deadline is coming the next day.

And although it’s fun killing the enemies, it never tempted me to be addicted with online gaming. I’m still playing DOTA (Defense Of The Ancients) but only when I’m super bored.

Now that we have opened our very first (hopefully there’s more to be opened) internet shop, we have to install the latest and most played online games.

Most of my friends are online gamers. Halay is a Special Force (SF) master, he would challenge me to no end to play with him and that whoever wins will be treated with a sumptuous lunch. Of course, I won’t submit to the ploy for I knew very well, where I stand (lol). Lord (he’s a superhero) on the other hand is a Ragnarok master. He would create a character so weird that would reflect his own personal identity like creating an archer that won’t use in anyway a bow and arrow (so if you think I am the weirdest, think again – lol). While Bren is addicted to Cabal, and me being the smorgasbord one (lol) played anything online (Counter Strike, War Craft, Ragnarok, SF, Cabal, Super Mario and of course FB games toinks).

And while installing games and testing afterwards, I find Rakion an interesting one. Who cares if anyone seems to be in love with Operation 7 (OP7) eh. Anyways, Rakion is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game or in short MMORPG! An online strategy game set in the medieval era and that by playing you’ll feel transported to this virtual reality.

The aim of this strategic game is to win wisdom and gold and for each battle you win, you get better weapons and your fighting improves. Using special attacks would cause more damage by taking advantage of the weaknesses of your opponent.

The fights are highly realistic, using combined assaults like kicking the enemy and shooting at the same time. And there are lots of keys to use.

So what are you waiting, go download the app now and start kicking butt.

Uh by the way, I’m starting! Enjoy.

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