A New Era has Started!


The start of the whole new me! Matter of fact, I got this feeling that tonight (BEP on the background); I mean it seems, this year will be the start of something grand. The re-defining moment of my life - welcome to the Age of Wonders... ahaha Apocalypse ikaw ba iyan? Toinks.

For years, I’ve been playing happy-go-lucky with my life. No focus, no dreams, no responsibility just being care-free as long as I had my weekly supply of comic books.

And as the New Year starts, I have realized how I have wasted those years for being idle and never productive. I declined so many opportunities in my life, not because I cannot perform the job well but rather I hate new responsibilities. The very reason I stayed longer than expected in my previous work because the salary I’m getting is seriously more than enough for my weekly comics you know, lol.

Now the company I’m working is in red; of course due to the mismanagement of the money-monger and power-hungry individuals who speak frequently of the bible were responsible for emptying the purse, including the employees’ mutual funds for crying-out-loud. Funds that belong to the employee, can you imagine the soul of these people - provided they have one! These people, I am talking about came from a low level position who ascended to the throne by playing friend to the god and now they were acting like god (duh).

I resigned!

I don’t want to take chances of missing a single issue of my favorite comics just because my employer cannot pay me on time lol.

That’s the good news, I’m out from the hell - the bad news; I’m supposed to be getting a pay-off of more than half a million bucks but surprise, surprise… no money left.

Sure, I heard rumors where the money went and I am convinced legal matter should be the answer to settle the issue once and for all, if somebody has to go to jail then I can always pay him a visit? I haven’t visited a prison in my life; I think it’s gonna be fun (lol).

I think 2010 is going to be an exciting year. I have a new job and a new business in progress (we’re a group of four, by the way). And for the first time in my life, I have made my mother and my sister smile but smirk immediately upon hearing the news about the plight of my previous work.

And while I'm starting to remove what is rotten in my friends list, the start of the New Year greets me with re-uniting long lost friends, thanks to Facebook for being so Nokia, connecting people toinkz. I swear I never this ecstatic in my life until 2010 came (haha).

The Adventure of A_lamat: The New Beginning (Volume II), starts here.

Happy New Year and world peace everyone.

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very well said. Goodluck to the new adventure of Alamat!

Wish you all the luck, you deserve it! God Bless..