Weekend Getaway: Divisoria on Christmas Season

Pouring rains on a Saturday evening accompanied us on our way back as we drove home from Pasig. I still had my headache but we need to drop-by at the Podium before heading home. My friend had promised her kids they will be watching Twilight: the Newmoon, the next day so we had to buy advanced tickets.

Purchasing a movie ticket at eight thirty in the evening wasn’t a problem that in no time we were heading down for a sip of coffee. Starbucks was full, so we ended at the nearest CafĂ© Briton. I’m supposed to order a macchiato but the waiter said it comes in a small sized cup, so I served myself with a cappucino instead. Somehow the hot coffee seems to absorb my system that my headache slowly disappears.

Early on, at ten in the morning we were at Divisoria scouting items for Christmas and I swear showing yourself in the place at this time of the season is not a very good idea.

Because seriously, to make a successful entry you need to be a superhero equipped with the power of agility and super reflexes to endure the mess while slithering around the maze of Divisoria as not to miss the way out.

The crowd was outrageous you swear coming back would be a heinous crime. For nearly four hours of walking, running at times and of course get tottered in between while in search of items needed for Christmas, finally we agreed we have all the goods in our bags.

Hungry and exhausted, we decided our lunch at Toho. The food were inviting that we have eaten as if tomorrow won’t be coming. After the sumptuous lunch we’re off to Glorietta to meet some people.

My headache started to unleash!

The Glorietta encounter was done smoothly and we were able to find good pointers on the project we’re cooking. Next stop, Caniogan, Pasig, one of our contacts invited us to his place to discuss about the proposal he introduced to us. The meeting went well that in about thirty minutes of discussion everything we want to know was addressed.

At ten minutes past eight we’re off for home but we need to buy movie tickets first we need to stop at the Podium. Drops of rains followed us on our way to Pasig Boulevard.

Yeehaw! What a long day it has been!

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