Heroes 3

Possessed of extra-ordinary power; freezing the time, read people’s mind, ability to fly and of course healing.

Usually composed of two opposing sides, one faction should be a team of bad guys, the so-called power monger maniacs while the other group – surprise, surprise… the good guys.

They have to battle each other for supremacy by displaying their powers in public (it is very important there should be a witness to what they can do). At some points the bad guys seems to dominate the game but lo and behold, the good guys will eventually prevail victorious.

As they work for strategies to nailing each other, twist has to come out automatically (a standard for a serial stories, you know). And to unlock very important clues, they need to travel back time or going ahead to the future, depending on the plots.

Along the way, some have to lose control of their powers while others have to die but don’t worry they always comes to life (ala Professor X).

And here comes the most exciting part – witch-hunting, of course this should be commissioned by the government. These ordinary people with only guns as their protection will be taking down, one-by-one these so-called individuals with extra-ordinary power and locked them in a concentration camp.

Of course this is not the God Loves, Man Kills saga of the classic Claremont X-MEN story. I am talking about the HEROES season 3. For nearly a week, this has been my nightly routines after office work. Thanks God I was able to finish last night.

A story about ordinary people who each battles a pressured life after discovering they possessed superhuman abilities. This American science fiction TV drama series created by Tim Kring was premiered on September 25, 2006 and was easily a big hit giving NBC their highest rating TV drama series in five years.

The series emulates the aesthetic style and storytelling of American comic books by using short and multi-episode story arcs to create a larger and encompassing plot.

For someone who regarded comic books as the bible (lol), this TV series easily wins my heart, the first time I seen the program over RPN 9. Watching the series is like reading the X-Men titles. Well, what do you expect when Jeph Loeb co-writing and co-producing this TV drama. For sure he incorporates some of the plots he did when he was writing the X titles plus those twists on his Detective Comics.

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