Erap seeks re-election in 2010

Sixty three days before Christmas yet the atmosphere do not suggest about the holiday season. Of course, Ondoy and Pepeng spoiled the spirit but then again who are we to blame mother earth when we don’t even give her the highest respect she deserves. These atrocities are simply the product of our greed and disrespect to the god of nature.

And speaking of gods and surely I am not talking the American gods whom Neil Gaiman told us about. I am referring to the gods closer to home that walks among us in different colors disguising to be friend but ready to stab us on our back any minute.

These so-called gods I am talking about are the politicians whom we have to endure each day with their never-ending clash on powers instead of improving the lives of those they have promised when they first seek the office.

And as the November 30 deadline for filing the candidacy is nearing its end, the other day, ousted former president Joseph “Erap” Estrada formally announced his candidacy for 2010 election before the crowd of 10,000 supporters in Tondo, Manila.
Joseph Estrada

In his statement he said that the bid could be the last performance of his life so he sworn to give his utmost effort not to fail those who believed in him. He further added that his platform will still focus on the welfare of the masses of which he promised again to help improve their way of living. His mission is to deliver the country from poverty and eradicate corruption in the government.

During his 1998 inaugural speech as the sworn-in president, he promised to deliver “the greatest performance of his life”. Two and a half year after he was ousted and convicted for plunder.

Despite, issues on the legalities on the status of his candidacy of which the constitution clearly states that an elected president could no longer run for re-election, Mr. Estrada is confident that he will win the battle for he believes the voice of the people is the voice of God, and that voters should be the final judge.

Joining him as his running mate is Makati mayor Jejomar Binay.

So are you ready for another midnight cabinet sessions or Jueting payola? The choice is yours!

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