Weekend Getaway: Punta de Fabian, Baras, Rizal

Since we have started a very top secret mission (lol), my friends and I are always on the road on weekends. It’s either scouting for anything worth for the mission (it’s really a top secret, I swear haha), planning for any strategies or just simply for plain craziness – I mean, a weekend of road tripping.
Despite coming from flu, I still had a mild headache and an occasional dry cough when I woke up Sunday morning. But you see I have sworn-in to carry out and protect anything for the mission (ahaha).

Reluctantly, I forced myself to teleport at the rendezvous. And as always, I am the first to arrive. I hate this idea, it’s a pain waiting for someone and for crying-out-loud we have agreed for the time in the first place, my superpowers were on the verge to manifestation, the good thing I was able to keep my feral state at bay (lol).

Few more minutes and they’re sprouting in the nearest port key. We’re set to travel Baras, Rizal. It’s my first, so I’m kind of excited. We’re going to Punta de Fabian; one of our friends had already booked a day ahead of us.

I didn’t know Rizal was actually far, I thought we’re just going somewhere near Antipolo. The road trip was like climbing Baguio with all the zigzagging roads. And if I were to describe Rizal it’s definitely a province of waiting shade (lol), it seems to me that in every 500 meters apart, waiting shades can be seen along the national highway, (with a distinguishable letter “Y” for Ynares, their governor).
Punta de Fabian

Twenty minutes past ten and we’re knocking the gate of Punta de Fabian. The place was lovely and very inviting. Located on top of a hill overlooking the Laguna Bay of which until this very day still flooding in its surroundings, some of the houses are still submerged to water and that the only visible part was the roofs.
Punta de Fabian

Punta de Fabian, definitely an enchanted place, the rooms are cozy; and at 6.5K per night, you can have this room (see image above). It’s a good place if you want some hormonal (lol) moments with your partner. It’s very serene and the landscape was awesome. I heard it’s one of the properties of ERAP.

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