What will I do if I will win $100?

Uh it’s June, how time flies so quickly eh! And it’s back to school; kids are you ready for yet another brain whacking semester? Uh well, good luck then.

It’s the start of the month and do you want to hear good news?

Let say, you have won $100 cash, how would you spend it?

If I’m that lucky, for sure I would love to spend it with new gadgets, an iPAD maybe - uh yeah iPAD like I’m crazy and hungry for it, so probably I’ll add the $100 winning to my earnings (yeah fat chance).

For months I’m allocating a very small amount to my savings (yeah, it’s really small that you won’t even noticed the savings lol) because I’m so dying for iPAD.

Can you imagine the lust and that; I had to join every online contest that would involve iPAD as the prize? And so far, no luck yet and I’m still far from owning one - and that I want to cry JIHAD now lol!

Every now and then I have to visit Apple website just to have a sneak on the prices but I noticed it never changed; it still starts at $499, waaah.

Good thing, my dreams of having an iPAD is getting an inch nearer to reality (lol) because a friend is running a contest that would give winner hefty amount to the tune of US $100 as prize money. Isn’t it grand?


Er, excuse me guys but I have to go now, I really need to join this contest – I can feel it, it seems that this contest is destined for me. iPAD here I come, lol.

And this will be my official entry to Noel and Levy, Thanksgiving Contest.

Good luck naman sa akin toinkz.


Pag nanalo ka bilhin mo na lang ipad ko;)