Ang Alamat ng Agila

The legend of the Eagle

And why all of sudden about kwentong alamat? Lol. Exactly my same question.

Oh, don't judge me. Lol.

Okay, here's the deal. I was putting a new Mga Kwentong Ma Alamat page on Facebook. Not a lot of followers yet but if you give me a Like, I'll be very grateful for sure.

Now, from time to time I get messages asking me for some alamat stories luh as if I am the authority (lol). My gosh, I'm not Lola Basyang and while my page is called Mga Kwentong Ma Alamat. It doesn't necessarily to be about alamat (legend) for that matter. It's ma-alamat and not alamat. I think there's a big difference on that, is it?

When I say "ma-alamat", it's more on the humour side or something that suggests 'a wow' factor - hence ma-alamat (legendary). In short - may hugot. Lol

But then again, I don't want to disappoint my audience. These are more likely the grade school students looking for an assignment to fulfill. I might as well be of service. You know me as a superhero. Lol.

Then, I have stumbled one of Lampara's books video about Alamat ng Agila (Legend of the Eagle). It's cute, so pambata, (lol) and captivating on how it was being presented. Hence, I get this idea of sharing the video.

I just wish it won't be a ground for intellectual property rights. Don't worry (sources), credits will be given as appropriately as possible. I am not in any way owning it. Lol. Just spreading the good vibes.

And like any classic fictional stories, it started with the creation of a man as the world is an empty place. In this story, God created 'Bugso' (desire). The protagonist who turned antagonist.

Now, I'll stop from here you already have the clue. Without further ado, here's the full story, please watch the video and enjoy.

Now, how'd you think of the video. Please follow me or give me a Like on Facebook for more of the ma-alamat na hugot.

Ikaw ano ang kwentong alamat mo?