Iconic Nokia 3310 is Back After 17 Years

Unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The classic Nokia 3310 was officially re-released 17 years after its first launched.

Back in 2000, this iconic Nokia handset was a massive hit with its month-long battery life, 22 hours talk-time, with pre-installed game called, Snake.

Yesterday, February 26 at the Mobile Word Congress, the new Nokia 3310 was re-launched and will be sold by a Finnish company HMD Global.

According to the company, the handset's revamped offers users the perfect compromise to a modern lifestyle, comparing as digital detox or a holiday phone.

And while it looks similar to its predecessor, the new Nokia 3310 has a new monochrome 84 x 84 display in different colour screen to choose from - red, yellow, dark blue and grey.

Equipped with a 2MP single camera, however this handset has a limited Internet capabilities relying only on its 2.5G connectivity slower that those users who were using 3G.

Key features of the new Nokia 3310.
- Thin, light and durable
- 22-hour talk time
- One month battery life
- Four colours (red, yellow, dark blue & grey)
- Costs € 49 (£ 41 / $ 51)

Here's the video:

Credits: TelegraphScienceTech

So, do you think you want another try on this one? This is my very first handset, so I might get one, it wasn't expensive anyway.

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