Miss Bulgaria Sherri Hill Gown has a New Owner

Hurrah to the lucky one..

Yesterday, I posted about Miss Bulgaria offering her pageant's gown to one lucky Filipina who really needs it on her Prom but not capable of buying a dress. She gets this idea because she thought, a school Prom is something that every girl is looking forward to, thus making it as its happiest and memorable moments in their life.

She knows how it feel, she used to be one of those coming-of-age girls who are just as crazy when it comes to high-school or college prom. But reality, not all girls can have a prom experience simply because there are some who don't have the means to buy a prom-dress.

So in her own little way she wanted to be an instrument. She wants to share that happiness and memories. How priceless.

After receiving numerous messages on her Facebook, Miss Bulgaria Violina Ancheva made her decision and gave her dress to a 15-year old student. The new owner of the princess like and sparkling Sherri Hill navy blue dress is the daughter of a single-mom.

It was the mother who sent the beauty queen the message because her daughter will have her Prom in a couple of weeks but still don't have enough money to buy her a dress. Issay Gallano mother of two, single-mom, the bread-winner of the family after hearing the viral post decided to give it a try and the rest - is history.

Issay in her Facebook post, thanks the beauty queen for her generosity and big heart, she captioned: "Thank you so much Miss Bulgaria. You have a beautiful heart. We wish you all the best. God bless you and your family".

Here's a video of their meeting:
Credits: Violina Ancheva/CNN Philippines

She may not have won the Miss Universe crown but definitely won the heart of every Filipino. You have the heart of the President in the making. Congratulations and Good luck.

One of her dreams is to someday become the first woman President of her country. Go chase your dreams.

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