A Salute To The Teachers Of The World

In celebration of World's Teachers Day, MKmA will dedicate this page to the main-people responsible for motivating and encouraged us - as individual, to be the core force of nation building. We learned from them how to love and respect our country although at this time, this is officially considered as history, lol. Still, we are grateful for them for teaching us starting with the basic; how to write, read and ofcourse count. For the learnings they have shared and making us the person we are today.

credits: corkutmasti.com

I for one, would say that the best memories I had, happened in my years in school with my teachers on the background. My grade school was fantastic, modesty aside - I graduated the best in my year. Hermione wasn't in the book yet, so any idea where in the world, know-it-all started? Okay, clue: ehem. Haha.

I always had this very special bond with teachers. Especially my grade school teachers, matter-of-fact whenever they happened to get bumped with either of my parents. Their conversion wouldn't be complete without asking how I am doing, or extends their HIs to me. Actually, double matter-of-fact (lol), the reason my teachers befriended my parents because I'm their son. Haha. I'm very popular when I was in grade school, lol. I am the boy who conquered the odds and broken the existential miserablism that for many years plaguing the institution.

During that time (grade school), or maybe until this time, lol. School has its share of politicking. Those who came from a wealthy or famous in the community will always get to the top. We are a poor family, nobody would give us a second look, lol. But because, I'm sooo geniuses (haha), my family's name started to be trending, lol.

I get applauded and somehow a talked of neighborhood on siesta-time while they were pinching lices on the heads of their daughters (haha) every time they heard I have beaten my rival - the rich drama girl. She never attended our graduation because I was declared, the grand winner, lol. Kidding aside, I will always treasure the memories I had with my teachers.

Now, here comes highschool... tut, tut. Let's talk college, instead. Haha. Well competition was stiff (hindi ako makaporma, lol. Anyare! ). There were five valedictorians, and three salutaturians in my class. I am one of the valedictorians, my salutatorian also one of the three. When first grading was announced, my salutatorian was on top (whoa, what happened, lol), the next spot occupied by again another salutatorian from another school. I have to share the third spot with another, another salutatorian from another school. Can you imagine all the salutatorians on top? Yeah, revenge is indeed sweet, it's payback time baby, haha.

If there's an award for the 'Biggest Deficit of the Century awards - for sure, I am the rightful winner. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd ranking was maintained by the same people. I slipped away into the abyss, tugoinks... Okay fine, I graduated number 11 - happy now, lol.

Looking back, I have no regrets. I mean, I never get emabarrassed or any ill feelings. I just continue walking and dreaming. Lol, this is supposed to be a tribute to the teachers and I am blabbing about my self, lovely. Lol.

Okay, let's go college. I was an irregular student back in college, I have new classmates to deal with every subjects but it's quite fun. For the teacher's there were few that I have really closed with, mostly from our college, the CCSS (College of Computer Studies and Systems). Although, I would say that for minor subjects, I liked my teachers in Statistics, Biology, Rizal, Filipino, PolSci, Psychology and Humanities.

I don't have friends for most of the subjects because they were always new, the only time I will be able to know them when finals come because they started to strike a conversation with me. I told you, I'm soo geniuses (lol) and I am not a friendly person. I wouldn't dare asking anyone a favor. I mean hey, I have everything, lol.

Then one time in my Humanities class my teacher has this aura as if she would put you to sleep (lol) during her lectures. And I am not a person who would go face to face when a teacher is blabbling. It's either, looking on anything except her (teacher) or any destruction. I was like not paying attention, she spotted me and immediately asked me a question, to explain what lessons can be apply from her story.

I was shocked and actually timid, but still stand and gave her my views about the story she have told. Alas! It looks like she was convinced with my answer that she have to tell the class that the reason she picked me because she taught I wasn't listening but amused, I could gave her an answer. Every classes onwards she would always ask me about my take on the lessons we have tackled. My gosh, I became an instant celebrity in a class of 20 students, lol. At the end of the semester, I got the highest grade, she told me. Lol.

Now, just like any normal student, I have also my share of bitch of a teacher. She's my Trigonometry teacher, she was infamous. Every students, as much as possible were trying very hard to avoid her. According to urban legend, she only passes 2 students max in her class. See the evil bitch, lol.

I got I row with her during an exam. She's very strict, one-seat-apart was in effect. I have this classmate who's been notorious for absences, he could land a Guinness if he was spotted, lol. He wasn't good at the subject, I mean he's having a hard time. I have finish my exam and only reviewing/double checking with my answers. This classmate, gestured silently as possible if he can borrow my calculator. Our exam was the Trigonometric function/table, it requires a scientific calculator. Since, I have finished, I have him borrowed. The evil teacher, caught me in the act while handing the calculator. She shouted at me, I was embarrased. So I explained, she wouldn't accept my explanation. So I grabbed my test paper storming to her direction while dissecting it into pieces and crumpled to put on top of her table with a side dish, "Here's you're fucking test paper", and exit the room.

I dropped the subject next day, my classmate told me she never said a word, when I left and just continue the exam as if nothing happened. A what? With all my drama? Lol. From time to time our path crosses, I just gave her a stare then smirked and passed her, lol. Well, she got served, don't you think?

Now, don't give me that look. I'm still 100% very respectful to the teachers, well unless... lol.

To all the teachers. Happy Teachers Day. Thanks for the knowledge and above all for the perseverance.



interesting post, happy memories cannot be forgotten.