Tired? It's Time For A Kidney Detox Juice!

I've been feeling weak the entire week. The frequent raining just added to my misery, lol.

I'm feeling dizzy and sometimes my eye-sight gets blurry. I'm not usually like this. Matter-of-fact, I rarely gets dizzy or having a poor vision.

Then I realized, I've been taking medication for hypertension. I have my digital BP reader but when I was on vacation back home, I left it. So I have no way to see my readings. I went to the nearest mall, there's this team, I'm not sure if they're from Red Cross who give BP, sugar readings and etc (I'm not sure what those other etc are, lol) in exchange of a donation for the services. Yes, you can even put P5 on its donation cannister, it's not a box, lol. The nurse have to repeat the process when she took my BP. It registered 90/80. What? I'm supposed to be hypertension.

I stopped the medication for a while though I haven't see the doctor yet, my next visit will be next week so for the mean time every day onwards I get my BP checked.

But prior to that, after I found out the sudden dropped of my blood pressure with the help of ever reliable Mr. Google. I researched for the symptoms of hypotension the opposite of hypertension. Bingo, poor eyesight and dizziness are on the list.

The next day when I have it checked again it stays with 90/80. To combat the low blood pressure, I started eating foods with high calories/cholesterol. Perfect, I'm craving for a pork chop and crispy pata , lol. The next day my BP back at 120/80 and the rest for 4 consecutive days it registered, 110/80 still normal, well atleast.

And now, because of the poor eating habit I had in the previous week. I'm feeling guilty. I've been a subscriber of March Against Monsanto Facebook page. And with the name itself obviously the organisation behind is against GMO. The page is very informative when it comes to health tips and foods to boost your body in a natural way.

So, expect this post is ripped from its page, lol. Oops, don't put it in a bad way, let's put it this way. I have shared it like in Facebook, lol.

Now, are you feeling weak or tired? Or if you have been losing weight? Drinking heavily, like a pro drunkard? Or just like me eating with a poorly habit?

This is for you. I mean, for us. Lol.

It's time to release all the toxins we're unconsciously putting inside our body. Kidney detox juice is the answer.

Kidney, as you may have known or if you haven't. It's part of our body that filter out almost all of the toxins in our blood and produce some hormones. It's major role is to remove the waste from our body and eliminate it in the form of our urine. Removing waste and extra water, the blood enters kidney through a renal artery and cleaned the inside as it passes through the tiny filters called the nephrons.

Kidney extracts waste from blood, balance body fluids, forms urine and aid other important functions of the body such as; waste excretion, water level balancing, blood pressure regulation, red blood cell regulation and acid regulation. So, it's pretty clear why we should take good care of our kidneys.
Now, how to clean? Here's what you need.
  • 2 Carrots
  • 1 large Cucumber

Yes, exactly - that's it. Easy-peasy, huh. Oh, I know. How-to is even easier. Simply wash the vegetables thoroughly and run it through a juicer. Yes, that's it. The sooner you drink the juice, the more nutrients you will get out of it. The nutrients begin to degrade almost immediately so you need to slurp it right away. Also, this will save you to escape on its taste, if you have a sensitive taste buds. I mean, carrots juice is yuckness while cucumber is ewwwness, lol. I don't eat cucumber as a matter of fact, I rather want to put it on my eye for eye-bugs treatment (lol) but for the sake of science (lol) and for healthy living, I'm giving it a try. Gosh, it's really ewness to the core but hey don't be dismayed, it's only my taste-bud who usually notorious, lol.

While you can also do this by eating but seriously, chewing and biting for like what, an hour?

Juicing using a juicer will removed all its pulp and fiber which allows the nutrients to assimilate quickly into your body and bloodstream, giving your immune system an immediate boost and feeds your cells quick with its healing nutrients. It will also give your digestive system get a break because there are no solids to break down. And also while you can use a blender to juiced the smoothie but you see the nutrients degrade almost immediately once it feels the air so better use a juicer.

Now, ready for a gulp? Let's drink to that.