Let's Make It A Try, Let's Go Natural

Natural is beautiful (naks parang beau-con lang, lol).

I was shopping for food after Mario (Typhoon Fung-Wung) subsided but not totally gone on Friday evening. When it comes to grocery items for food my list is limited to a loaf of bread, spreads, fruits, cookies and chips (chichirya in local Pinoy term). My meals are always courtesy of the diner nearest to our home, lol. I don't know how to cook, well except maybe for the rice but then rice is also served in the diner.

I always love potato chips; Lays, Pringles, some of the locally manufactured names but my current favorite is the Mikesell. The packaging says it's natural and no other preservatives were used, just the salt. I love it. It crisp, thin and the taste is just perfect for my taste buds.

The problem is, it's sold-out. Well, it looks that way since I can't find one on display. So I was checking the labels and ofcourse the prices of different potato chips available.

Then there's one that intrigues me. It came in a small package but it's more expensive than most of those with bigger sizes. I took the pack and examined carefully. First to caught your attention is the label, that says, NON GMO Project: VERIFIED.

It's a Kettle Brand potato chips. Made from all natural ingredients and uses sea salt. It's a zero gram fat, no MSG, no preservatives, glutten free and non GMO Project verified. Meaning, this processed food made with all natural ingredients and without the intervention of biotechnology. They even uses the wind and solar energy for the production.

The verdict.

It taste the same as the Mikesell only this one is kind of rough and it's too crunchy like the Pinoy chicharon, lol. Mikesell is thin and crispy. If not for its roughness (lol), I'll probably pick this over Mikesell but hey, I can make this as an alternative.

GMO or Genetically Modified Organism, is an organism in which its genetic pattern was altered through the use of modern biotechnology or genetic engineering techniques.

These organisms are bacteria and yeast, insects, plants, fish and mammals. Organisms which all present in our daily lives, especially as core ingredients to the food we eat.

The subject of GMO is a hot topic in the United States. Heard of Monsanto company? A multinational agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation and the leading producer of genetically engineered seed and of herbicide glyphosate. Apparently, its product appears in every food we eat.

So do you think we owe everything to the technology? Wait for its payback time, lol.

The good news we always have the choice. It's up to us, really. It's not too late to go natural. Our forefathers endured it for century. Why can't we? Just because we have a Facebook account it doesn't mean we can't go back to basic. This is also the best time to go back and get acquainted with mother nature.

The back of your house is idle, put some plant, crops, vegetables or flowers maybe if you need more of a sight, lol.

See above? That's you on the left if you go natural (impernes). Let's go.