Friday Floody Friday, Yes It's A Long Weekend With Mario

Twenty minutes past ten in the morning, I have awoken when my cellphone started vibrating. I always put my cellphone on mute mode since the time cellphone was invented, lol. I'm not crazy with the ringtones in fact I find it very annoying. Yes, oh well to me. So it vibrates to notify me.

It's an SMS from my Boss, it's a forwarded message from our HR to suspend work for today due to typhoon Mario (international name: Fung-Wong). Whoah! Pefect, because I wasn't feeling going to work anyway. It's so cold and I hate it when it rains. I don't like the feeling when my pair of shoes is wet it's very uncomfortable. I know there's a typhoon so it's a good alibi provided I won't go to work. My shift starts at 2PM, usually by 10:00AM I'm already on the move to prepare. I leave at home at 12NN to give way for a two hour normal ride from Commonwealth to Ayala.

photo: @tontonico

In short, I was relieved. I've been talking to an officemate yesterday on how I wish yesterday (Thursday) was already today (Friday). I'm so burned the whole week and I need some rest. And to top it all I wasn't in good shape last week. I encountered slight headache and sometimes dizziness. Then I went to check my BP and it goes down suddenly to 90/80 and I'm supposed to be a hypertension. So I stopped the medication for now and lets see how it will be in the coming days.

Oh yes, don't worry we are still on the flooding. I'm just trying to pick my grand entrance, lol.

Now, let's go back to the topic of raining. Metro Manila is always notorious when it comes to flooding. A thirty minutes rain will make her looks like the Caribbean Islands. And the most annoying part our useless government haven't done for the concrete plan on how to solve it. The idiots in the goverment are busy politicking. The president, I mean your president (I wouldn't acknowledge him as a president, what a shame lol) junked the project that Arroyo started that supposedly would counter the flood problem in MM. And now, imagine how big an idiot he is. He's unconstitutional DAP, who according to him was in good faith so it's only right to assume that it is legal have allocated 60% of the fund to DPWH for flood prevention projects. Now, anybody have seen any projects cooking within Metro Manila that could possibly for flood control? Oh please tell me if I am not aware. Thank you, in advance lol.

credit: Showbiz Government

This is La Mesa Dam and it's now in its critical point and any minute they will open it as not to wait for another serious damage. And by that, within the vicinity are advised for evacuation. Imagine the inconvenience it will be caused to the family affected.

And this one is the aerial view of Marikina River, scary is it? Indeed, I don't know why despite the devastation that typhoons caused our nation, our government is still so calm as if not bothered about it. They will only open the topic when a serious one happened. Funny because all of them are serious not to mention how frequent typhoon is hitting Philippines.

Here's the most hilariius part. Our MRT is also experiencing a flood inside its cabin, lol. There's a leaked somewhere on its roof resulted for the flooding. The other week, its door was seen opened while on the run. What in the world? The issue of maintenance being not served properly is because of corruption and mismanagement of the said agency. Apparently your president's sister was involved in the MRT scam.

And he is so proud that his government has busted corruption just because he jailed three of the prominent names who only but a fragment of the problem. The core is still working in his government or better yet he is the fucking core. The most corrupt of all the president's combined.

Unless Filipino will be in their usual selfish way, Philippines will never get better.