Gilas Exits FIBA With A Win

#PUSO. Lol.

Well, as the classic saying goes, "Better luck next time", lol.

But there's nothing to be ashamed of, really. I mean, you will go home with an impression left. And it's a good one, I tell you. See, you are the team most talked about despite the loses (close game loses that is). Your every game was an epic in the making.

credits: tv5

You will go home without the golden trophy ofcourse but definitely not empty handed. Hey, you have earned respect from the teams and basketball in general. Couper Moorhead, former sports journalist and now a Miami Heat organization member even commented that the Pinoy team was more enjoyable to watch than team USA.

This is FIBA, it's a game of the best among the best. Not that I am undermining what Gilas can do but you see, we've seen it. Let's talk reality here and while they gained praises from other teams and maybe the world. Still they were short and I mean, LITERALLY. Lol.

But the good thing about the Gilas, they never get intimidated regardless fighting the giants. And again, I mean - GIANTS. Yes, Gilas was the tiniest among the teams and yet fought as if they were equal.

Those previous games were close enough, except maybe for that one against Greece, lol. But still it was a highly acclaimed match by Gilas. They play with a heart, not just by heart but a big heart. See the hashtag, #PUSO, lol.

And in what could be their last chance to prove the world that they have every reason to be in this competition. Gilas, bid farewell with a bang. And the man of the hour was Jimmy Alapag. Playing his last international competition game for the Philippines, Jimmy nailed the crucial free throws he will never forget.

The game started slow for both teams but Gilas senses that time is of essense after the four minutes game they started to rally for a 11-7 lead. Senegal must have sensed it too, in retaliation they posted a 4-0 run to tie the game. First quarter ends with 16-13 for Senegal.

Second quarter starts with a blood as Ranidel de Ocampo had a cut on his head after bumping Gorgui Dieng.

Paul Lee meanwhile set a back to back triple baskets to give Gilas a 11-0 run posting a 27-22 advantage with 5:06 left in the first half.

Second half was a tension filled ball game as both neck-to-neck with its score card that ended with a 64-all as time clocked forcing them for overtime.

Gilas ends the overtime in their advantage as Alapag flawlessly perfect in the free throw with 81-79 as the final score. This is Philippines first FIBA wins after 40 years.


#PUSO. lol.

Congrats Gilas for the win.