ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Matt Damon Style

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is so big everyone in the United States is crazy about, from Hollywood A-listers, government officials to millionaires.

And speaking of Hollywood A-lister, let's talk about Matt Damon, dubbed as one of Hollywood's golden boys. This Good Will Hunting star has a golden heart as well. Nominated by late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and friend, the other Hollywood's golden boy, Ben Afleck to take the #ALSIceBucketChallenge.

Ofcourse, he accepted the challenge but with a twist. As you may not knew Matt Damon is the co-founder of A cause to promote clean drinking water to be available to everyone in every part of the world. Clean drinking water is still one of world's many problems. Not everyone has access to it unless you are capable (financially) of having it.

So in this challenge and it happens that California is in drought right now where the actor lives. And to conserve water because according to the 43-year old actor, "It's posed kind of a problem for me, not only because there is a drought here in California, but because I co-founded and we envision a day when everyone has access to a clean drinking water and there are about 800 million people in the world that do not have access to it, so dumping a clean bucket of water on my head seemed a little crazy", he said.

So what he did is to collect water from his toilet bowl. Yes, exactly from the toilet and put it inside the bucket with ice to be use as water to be dumped on his head. Then he explain, that the water in the toilet he used was actually cleaner than the drinking water many people in the world have access to.

Photo credit to IG: @JasonPollockTV

Isn't he a wonder? By the way if you want to see how the drought in California is, take a look at above picture and see the damage. And for the actual drenching, see the video. Enjoy.

ALS or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, is a progressive neuro degenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. The progressive degeneration of the motor neurons leads to death for a person afflicted with ALS. Also known as the Lou Gehrig's Disease named after American Baseball great Lou Gehrig who died of the same disease. Like AIDS, ALS is incurable and a person suffering with ALS will eventually become and compared to a vegetable.

And because there is no known cure for the disease yet, ALS Association is devoted for the study and research on how to fight and to eradicate ALS. That's why they were encouraging everyone for a donation for its research.

Ice Bucket Challenge was first initiated by Pat Quinn and friend Pete Frates both afflicted with ALS.

The challenge is to post a video in a social media while being drench or dump with a bucket filled with ice, usually on the head. After accepting the challenge you have to nominate atleast two or three persons to do the same within 24 hours or they will give $100 to if they failed. Actually despite accepted the challenge still you need to give $10 but some do both, accept the challenge and donate $100 since it's for the cause.

Here in the Philippines, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is starting to make a noise especially in the entertainment industry. The first local celebrity to have posted the video of the challenge was Miss Saigon, Lea Salonga after Il Divo's Urs Buelers nominated her. She was emotional in the video because the uncle or was it the Father of his husband died of ALS? I wasn't paying attention, I get used to the Hollywood Ice Bucket style with less talk, more buckets if you know what I mean, lol.

Actually the first local celebrity up for the Ice Bucket Challenge was Nonito Donaire when Dave Batista (Guardian of Galaxy and pro wrestler) nominated him. The challenge was done in Las Vegas and they have actually raised around $5000. There was a twist on that challenge as well, again I am not paying attention, lol but it looks like this. Instead of drenching from a bucket of ice, they need to throw Donito on a surface filled with ice, and there's a trick if they able to throw him beyond the max line they will donate $100 and $200 if they failed. That's why they were able to raised $5000.

Despite cases of ALS already heard here in the Philippines. DOH Secretary Tayag confirms that no official case of ALS were ever recorded in the Philippines. ALS is a serious disease that people needs to be aware how bad this is. With the #ALSIceBucketChallenge atleast we are informed.