Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno

Oops! You can drop the eye brows now, lol. I know but you know me as a late bloomer, right? So, if this sounds so yesterday to you then, er congratulations, you are way ahead of our civilization. Say hello, to your aliens' friends, lol.

Okay, this is what happened. I went to SM Fairview, I need an errands to attend and it's so hot it's killing me. I'm not fully recovered from the fever but still went anyway.

I came back very exhausted and made my way for a nap. I think, I have dozed off, yeah I slept. I woke up twenty minutes past five and have nothing to do. I texted a friend to go for a dinner but he didn't reply. Then I realized I haven't seen the Rurouni Kenshin yet. I heard good reviews from the viewers so I texted another friend for a last full show. This friend I have texted never turns down a treat, lol. So expectedly he replied with a, 'YES'.

On my way to Marikina, my other friend whom I texted first, replied. He apologises for not responding immediately because he gone out of their house and left his cellphone. "Oh, I've found another one to pissed, I told you - you have to answer right away once you have received an offer from me "(lol), I replied back.

We're supposed to watch the 6:45PM showing slot but I came late. See, I'm a late bloomer, lol. I arrived fifteen minutes past seven, so we decided to have dinner first while waiting for the 8:50PM showing time. Every diners we have spotted are full, a friend suggested that Shakey's is not usually full house since the place is his teritory so I trusted him. And yes we were able to find available seat immediately but the ambiance was loud. They were playing the live telecast of FIBA2014 games and it's Gilas first game. The monitor situated at the far corner so we don't see the score and who they were playing against, the only sure thing is when they make a basket and the crowd is howling and growling. Hey, it's not fullmoon yet, is it? Lol.

Even the crews got carried away that they were too slow to attend to the customers. Actually, I have tasted them how my acid tongue react when I'm not in the mood. "Ano ang pinagkaka-abalahan niyo doon, paroot parito lang naman ginagawa niyo"? (What keep you busy in there, you were just goin 'to and fro?), I told the crew when finally attend to our order. "Sorry, Sir", his only reply (lol). And I'm not finish (lol) when he's about to leave I ask him. "How long we'll gonna wait for our orders"? "In fifteen minutes, Sir", he replied. "Make it sure in fifteen minutes sharp, go, your clock is ticking".

Ang taray mo(you're a bitch), said the friend. I know. I answered him back, lol.

Oops aside from a late bloomer I am also notorious for off-topic, lol. Let's get back to the movie.

Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno is a sequel to the 2012 Japanese movie Rurouni Kenshin based on a Manga series of the same title, originally written by Nobuhiro Watsaki.

It's a story of a wandering Himura Kenshin, during an early age of fictional Meiji period. Himura was a known ruthless assassin of the Bakumatsu War and was called as the Hitokiri Battosai but after the war, went wandered the countryside of Japan and sworn not to go back in his old self while offering protection and aid for those who need it as his way of his atonement for the crime he committed in the past.

Rurouni Kenshin story is very familiar among Filipino (except me, lol. I'm more of a US comicbook) as a matter-of-fact, it's one of Pinoy's popular culture. Yes, you are right, you are not wrong, lol. Yeah, because Samurai X and Rurouni Kenshin are the same only Samurai X is the North American and Asian title of the TV series Rurouni Kenshin.

So can you imagine the reaction of the cast when they premiered here in the Philippines. They have no idea how big Himura Kenshin is, for the Filipinos.

I'm not a fan of Samurai X but I've seen some of its episodes because my nephew is an addict. And I would say if I have the time, I can run a marathon of its whole season and will never get bored.

The sword fighting is a winner, and the story is well scribbled. I wish we have a local movie like that. Local producers can you please make a decent movie aside from a trashy loveteams. Hell, pang alipin na mga movie ang pinagkaka abalahan niyo, amp, lol.

Dear readers, how about you? Have you seen the movie yet? Oh you gotta watch it before it's too late.