Er, Doc I Just Need A Medical Certification?


Do I look like I am arguing with the doctor?

I just want to see the doctor supposedly to get a medical certificate to prove that I am indeed sick. I've been absent for two days from work for having a fever. I am always a frail person, I have a very weak immune system. You cannot put me in a group with someone sneezing or coughing and I will be in the same fate the next morning. Lame eh, yeah I know. I'm not a person who would take my vitamins diligently. I got bottles and boxes of Vitamin C in my cabinet.

I would take one if they were spotted, meaning they were ignored most of times, lol.

The nurse had my BP taken and holy sheeet na malagket, it's 140/100. I am high on blood, so what now I'm a vampire? Lovely, my long time dream, lol.

The Doctor asked me? Do you have a hypertension? I want to roll my eyes (obviously. Yeah, I replied pleasantly. Do you have any maintenance medication? Yeah, I used to, but I stopped after taking three months with no changes. Now it's the doctor time to roll his eyes, lol.

Oh, there are more than a thousand prescription drugs for hypertension if the drugs you are taking is not responding then we have to prescribe you with a new one until your system will recognize the drug.

Now, it's again my turn to roll my eyes, lol. Imagine, if you do not have the money for taking chances on those different prescribed drugs. Geeez, at least you die trying, lol.

Well, he made his point. He said my case is very alarming because I'm fit (transalation: not fat, while blushing with the adjective - fit, lol) not unlike him (he's comparing to his fat self) and you are young (I'm double blushing this time, lol yet you have that BP (my blushes died instantly, lol)

He gave me one tablet and order me to take it and he wants my blood to be tested for any infection since I have a fever. It took two hours to release the results. When I'm back he personally took my blood pressure, he had to do it twice unconvinced for the first results. The second try registered the same. He asked me. Did you take the tablet I have given you? Yeah, you said it so? See, your BP is back to normal. Whoah, that was quick.

In the end he prescribed me a different prescription drugs including the one he given me. I also had my Urinalysis and I have a slight issue of UTI so I have been also prescribed for UTI drugs. And I have to be back after a month for another test, this time it includes ECG I had tested this before and my heart is well. Matter of fact, I am so in love right now, haha.

The good thing, I am using my PhilCare card. So I only need to worry for the prescription drugs.

My mother had a Colonoscopy procedure last week and because I put her as my dependent for this card, we were also spared from the expenses.