Abolish Pork Barrel System, No To CHA-CHA and Term Extension, No To Aquino Dictatorship

I knew it.

He will be the worst president the Philippine will ever have. We've seen him as a non-performing Congressman, non-performing Senator and guess what.. tadaaah! Can you name one project or initiative that Pnoy iniatiated so far, now that he is president? You can post your comments, I'll be waiting, lol. See, it's hard to find when there is nothing, lol.

And yet people are still happy with his performance. They see him as something the Philippine's best offered yet. What make you think that way? Oh right, I can see that - you are clueless, lol. Live with it! Ouch, that hurts. Lol.

Come on.. Ninoy would never be a Noynoy or Fernando Poe, Jr to be a Grace Poe, would it?

What your president worth is a seat in Row 4, that's all lol. He is worst than ERAP, Erap has his playful side yes, but he always has this sincerity on helping people. Noynoy on the other hand is a bad story (lol), you have to endure his excruciatingly painful arrogance and to top it all - he is a liar and no heart.

His government is full of corruption and lies. Everyday, new evidencies of mis-using funds are coming out naturally but the idiot of people still optimistic that their president is doing the right thing.

Today is a "National Heroes Day", we are commemorating the heroism of those individuals who gave their lives, so Philippines will be free. How very unfair of them, if they only knew that just one autistic person will screw it all, lol.

And because today is Heroes Day, and Pork Barrel and the DAP, and the Cha-cha are today's trending issues, ofcourse aside from ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, lol. Some concern citizens (ehem, ehem, lol) have organized a rally to opposed the now nearly about to cooked, Pnoy, One More Term. You heard Lacierda tacklessly pointed this out to media but realized afterward that he's acting like Krissy, so in response Malacanang said that he (Lacierda) was just a fucking conyo and is not fluent with tah-gah-loog, the reason he screwed the explanation. Mukamu!

Grabbed this pic, forgot where, lol. Thanks

I have this planned week ago to attend the cause, since it's going to be a holiday. I want to sign the petition. I am not all blabbing (lol), do you think I am just a Facebook guy? No way, I can bring my angst to the street where everyone can hear me curse the president, lol.

I wasn't really paying attention to the time, I was thinking the program will start at 2PM, so I was Facebooking till 4AM. I woke up, 45 minutes past eleven and while scratching my eyes for a possible muta (lol, what is the english translation, Lacierda?). Toinkz, eye booger daw, kulangot na napunta sa mata, kadurdur eeww, lol. Eye Crust, Morning Glory or Rheum. So while I'm scratching my eyes for a rheum (mas mataray 'to, kaya ito gamitin natin ahaha) in my other hand, the other was starting to boot my tab. Then I opened my Facebook. Scrap pork barrel is everywhere in my feeds. One post caught my eyes. "Stand Up, Sign Now" if you want to scrap all pork networks, you can go to Luneta from 6AM to 12NN and sign the petition.

Holy Pork! Lol.

Immediately I took a shower, if I'm right about the equally notorious Filipino Time then I can still make it. I'm from Don Antonio, Commonwealth. A 1 hour ride could be too late but hell, I'm taking chances. Actually, I arrived 10 minutes past one and there were still people at the Quirino grand stand and I can see banners and the golden pork. So I'm right all along with the Filipino time, sometimes you have to be grateful with it, it's not all bad afterall, lol. The guy above wearing a banner greeted me when I entered the grand stand. In reply to his greetings, I took a photo of him (parang nakasimangot si Kuya, parang alam niyang puputulin ko ang ulo niya, lol. Ang init kasi di ko makita kinukunan ko toinkz). The crowd wasn't that grand, I scouted every group and took a photo on some interested scenes.

I came alone, I didn't invite any friends. I don't want to argue with them that we will be doing this as a show of concern and for the love of country (naks, ako na). Liking my posts or shared posts on Facebook is enough that one way or another, they shared the same sentiments.

There are booths installed on the side where you can sign the petition. It's organized as if you are going to vote. Booth has labeled according to your voting place, re: Manila, Pasay, Q.C. etc. On my way to Quezon City booth, I've paused for a while and taking a photo of Manang while signing. The label above says Pasay, so Manang is from Pasay. It touched me, this old lady want her voice to be heard while most of the youth who will be the one benefited if we have a better governance, is the one taking the move. Her signature must be for her children or grand children and not just for herself, I assumed.

I took my chance, in the first place, I came to sign. There are 3 pages you have to signed. Probably a copy, to the agencies they want to send the petition. The crowd is not really that big but for sure from the looks of it, were mostly came voluntarily. By the way, I have accepted the challenge and I have signed (#IceBucketChallenge?, lol.)

Before heading home, I went near the stage to see Mae Paner aka Juana Change up close and personal. As usual she was in her avant garde self. She's the Tessa Prieto of the streets and rallies, lol. I don't see any celebrities or I am just deadma to them. Well, everyone looks the same with all the flags and placards, lol.

While they were singing, I quietly slithered through the crowd and made my way out. The heat of the sun was suffocating, I'm not an outdoor type of person but I left the place feeling proud. At the end of the day, what matter is how you make a difference.

I was crossing Luneta Park then I see people. Happy, calm and worry free. Aah, the typical Juan dela Cruz.