The Weder, weder survey!

Showbiz, media and politics are the same in the Philippines.

When a celebrity is doing a movie, expect something is about to come out in one of the leads - RUMORS as they would fondly calls it.

If the girl is the subject, then either she has suddenly gets pregnant from a one-night-stand because the so-called father is not her boyfriend for that matter or having a brawl in a posh night club, equipped with an unforgettable lines, ei: I can by you, your friends, and this club sort of thing. While her counterpart - will be in different tune especially if the subject is a real gentleman with a flawless record of committing bad news. Easy, that person will be automatically judged as being gay. That's a norm in Philippine showbiz.

The government is no different. Look, every now and then we hears uncovered corruption and anomalous activities inside the agency but instead of getting intimidated, people involve are more fierce than ever in a way that it's too fucking sick. Oh, bear with the word expect more of that when my subject is about Philippine government, lol.

I hate our government. And I hated it even more NOW. Our president is a fucking abnormal, his DILG (Department of Interior and Local Government) secretary is equally idiot, his DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development) head is a fucking whore (what the fuck with that highlighted hair? It's sick to the core). What were she thinking, Rogue in Dolores Umbridge body? You look like a sorcerer complete with the bling-blings and all, by the way.

These past few months, the Aquino government's worth has been tested with super typhoon Haiyan's (Yolanda) devastation. And as expected - it's WORTHLESS. What else can you expect from a government run by morons! Yeah, the solution to store-jacking is to forbid hammer from selling inside a store, lol. Wait, till Thor hear this news - oh for Odin's blood.

This government is the worst. The senate is composed of crime syndicates. The Senate president is a pork barrel king. The Congress are the same. The Vice President is excited for his bid for 2016 election. Most of the mayors are air-headed. 'You don't know me?' Well, you have a resemblance to a z-list comedy actor, it's soo z-list I can't even remember the name, lol. I'm not really so sure, it's too dark, I'm just seeing a shadow? lol.

And when everything looks bad, someone has to rescue. The money-driven SWS (Social Weather Stations) enters. Malacanang commissioned a survey about the president's performance. And can you imagine, majority of the people still feels he is the fucking God sent leader (next time beware anything Godly, lol).

The survey, as they always claimed came from a so-called carefully selected samples that would represent the entire population, lol. I don't get it, if the datum is well represented how come I never surveyed, or those people I knew or of my friends' friend?

A survey only happen when a trending topic is on. Election for one, they would come up with a survey simply because one of the rival party, commissioned it. In short, these are money-motivated surveys. The result will depend on how much you will pay the agency. For-crying-out-loud and these are supposed to be run by people who never misses a mass and came from reputable schools. I told you, they are Godly, lol. What the hell.

I don't know about you but this SWS survey smells too fishy to me. Smell the fart? lol.

Oh by the way, before you accuse me of being a retard by including media as the same with showbiz and government and not explaining any. Well, media always play the third-party, the middle-man. In short, always accessories to the crime.. of both, lol.

Even falling leaves..
has its own story to tell, ikaw ano ang kwentong alamat mo?