Dolphy is back to promote Mother Earth?

Oh silly! Don't panic, he won't be joining Casper to form the "friendliest gang of ghost" (lol) and definitely he's not promoting a movie called "Mother Earth", either! Lol.

Okay calm down, I'll explain (nyehee).

You may have known him as a core showbiz personality but fact of the matter he was also involved on some social causes. Environmental concern for one, is something that he was interested in and helping various organizations to spread the awareness.

And as tribute to the legacy left by their father, the Quizons - come up with the idea on how to keep and continue the vision of their father.

The idea came out after Epi's daughter's love of game apps on her iPad. They conceptualized the plan, and with the help of iGen Technologies, a software product development and consulting services company based in the US - Dolphy Clean Up was materialized.

If you were someone who have wasted time on the famous Mario Bros video game in your early days, then for sure while obviously you may be in the middle of your days now, still the chances of wasting your time again is possible and this time it's going to be longer. I mean Dolphy will be guiding you through your adventure. How's that? And while having fun levelling yourself to the top and resolving the tricky obstacles, you will be given tips and info on how to properly segregate your trash (waste management) for you to advance to the next level. Fun eh? Oh, I know, lol.

This application is perfect for children. Environmental issue is a global call foremost to provide children of the future, to still have a better place to live. The game has four (4) stages to keep you busy; City Cleaner, Forest Protector, Ocean Hero and Air Guardian with 36 levels of fun and exciting environmental adventure.

Initially, the app is available on iPad and can be downloaded through iTunes for now. Early this new year an iPhone/iPod will be out and so, the Android version. The full version is at $3.99 and part of the proceed will directly goes to the charity for the Central Visayas rehabilitation caused by Typhoon Haiyan's (Yolanda) devastation.

So are you ready to unleash the hero in you? Invite your kids, nephews and nieces and join Dolphy as he saves Mother Earth. Download "Dolphy Clean Up" on iTunes now.

For the meantime, here's TFC Balitang America has to say about the app.

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