Putting Smiles on the Street on New Year's Day

As hinted on my IG, comes new year I'll be sharing some loves by giving sweets (candies/chocolates) to the street children.

I just did.

I got my backpack full of candies and chocolates to be shared with the street children. I started this addiction (if this is addiction the world will be a better place, lol) on my last birthday but instead of the sweets, the items were something you can see in an evacuation places, lol. Canned goods, noodles and the like but without the rice, it's too heavy to carry and I'll be walking the street for all I know, lol. So for this New Year, I wanted children to be my target subject. You know how big a holiday seasons to the children right!

For my target place, I was thinking of somewhere in Kalayaan area in Quezon City. Taking a jeep going to Alimall, Cubao from Fairview, the things that would caught your eyes along the street are the kariton (carts) serving as a home to some families, piling from each side of the road.

But I changed my mind thinking maybe on some other times. I decided to roam around Manila area. I once worked in the Port Area district of Manila and everyday I've seen children half dressed around the banks of Pasig River or under the Jones bridge. It's a good target and it's not too crowdy, perfect for a hero who wants to play incognito, lol.

From Commonwealth, I took a FX cab and dropped myself at Quiapo church, I'm an atheist so I didn't go inside, lol.

I walked through Quezon bridge enduring the smells of urine and from excreted food (eewww), lol. I was taken aback upon the approach of Lawton, it was a new Lawton different from what I have expected in my mind. I mean, all I knew was Lawton of 2005. Ah, there's a newly installed terminal for the commuters. I passed it by and straight to the tunnel which surface is a bridge going to Sta. Cruz, Manila (I don't know the name) but it forced me to go back because it's flooding. I tried the other way, this time going to Jones bridge passing in front of Manila post office.

Bingo, I saw a kid playing a toy gun - alone. Ten yards from the boy must be his parents beside a cart eating. Babarilin kita (I'll shoot you) or Binabaril kita (I am shooting you), the boy would yelled as he points his toy gun to every passing jeepneys. When I get near, he faced me and pointed his gun. Ooops, 'wag mo akong barilin (Ooops, don't shoot me). I'll give you something, I said. His expression changed and smile. I gave him some of the choco bars and jelly candies. I left him stunned, can't believe his luck, lol.

Each time I am handing children their presents are all moments in itself, inspiring and bliss. There's one mother that while giving her daughter the candies, she wouldn't stop from uttering Happy New Sir, Thank you po. The only way she knows she can thanks me back. I sensed the awkwardness that I snapped her while smiling and said, Okay lang po yun, It's my pleasure. I can still hear her saying thank you 5 meters after I left.

Then I passed a cart with two people sleeping. It looks like a 2 or 3 year old girl and must be her grandmother who supposedly should be tending her. It wouldn't be the mother, it's way too old. Granny must be tired, she was fallen asleep. I don't want to wake them up for just a candy, so I just left on the girl's side some candies and jellies. I want to lift her spirit when she wakes up on the realization that Santa is indeed true, still around and he will find you even in broad day light while you were sleeping, lol.

I passed quite of families who were sleeping along with the daughter/s or son/s. I just left them some candies and vacate the place immediately.

The last person whom I shared my present was a girl with a down syndrome. She's a mongoloid, she wasn't part of the street kids but I noticed while they were walking in my direction. The grandfather was like trying to console her. She was not in the good mood, her grandfather was trying to cheer her up. So I stopped in their approached and hand her all the candies left in my bag. It's quite lots, some of them spills on the ground, lol. The grandfather gave me the sweetest smile while thanking me. I look at the girl and this time she was smiling.

What a scene to end my adventure, eh.

I'm so tired, the heat was crazy and I'm wearing a new shoes and while I have bitten it before I put it on (elders said, to avoid your new shoes from biting your foot you have to bite it first before putting on, lol) but still it burnt my feet. It works to me before, I don't know what happen. Did I bite it the wrong way? Oh wait, I remember I have only bitten, one pair? Oh my bad, lol.

As I passed the monument of Arch. Cardinal Sin one person, a gay guy was taking picture of a boy - must be his new year's date. When I was near him, he gave me the widest smile and said, Happy New Year, po. I turned him and smile, Happy New Year, din. Well, as usual I look like Jake Cuenca ahahaha (todo na'to), I'm wearing a F&H gray shorts, a 21Men white t-shirt and a Skechers slip-on accessorized with a Dickies aviator (remember Tom Cruise in Top Gun? Lol).

I've crossed the street going to Luneta and was embarassed by the volume of people. It's a picture of festivity from Roxas Boulevard to Taft Avenue, the crowd was overwhelming. A moment ago, all I see was different faces. Funny how obvious the distinction of the social classes in the Philippines. Luneta was just a spit away for those I have ran around today but the barrier is too obvious.

When I enter Luneta some people are looking unanimously to the same spot. I looked it myself. It was the controversial Php 7.2 million worth of flag pole. Another idiotic project by the government. What's with the flag pole, all I can see is it resembles to a giant prick? They can afford a flag pole but unable to feed the majority of its people?

I went home inspired, in-bliss and proud. At least, in my own little way I have made some faces smiles today, on new year's day.

Even falling leaves..
has its own story to tell, ikaw ano ang kwentong alamat mo?