The Claws, the Faces, the Lies and the Drunkard

My weekend went crazy. Yeah, it was crazy I was deprived of rest. I mean, WTF! Weekends are supposed to be my rest days. And when I say "rest day", it means I should be drawn watching a movie or a TV series, ofcourse this while sleeping or eating in between.

Last weekend, I wasn't - and I have brought home a lot of new titles for that matter. A day before weekend I dropped by at Quiapo to look for new titles. Matter of fact, I had a hard time finding as most of those dangling loosely on the display racks were either not my type or I have already watched. In the end I grabbed copies of Borgias (S1 to S3), it stars Jeremy Iron one of my favorite actors. Although the theme is a bit off to me, it's about religion, Roman Catholic in particular and the rose to power of the Borgias family. I'm not a fan of religion because all I can see is the lies and hypocrisy. I mean, look at the people who speak of the word of God, they were usually the hard one and worst, murderers.

I also picked Jennifer Love Hewitt's Client List (S1 - S2) and Da Vinci's Demons another religious themed series, proof of how murderous the believers are. I'm just being curious on how they would portray Leo, so I included in my list.

After my shift on Saturday, I went straight to SM Fairview for some errands, I completed the task at four in the afternoon, almost night if you ask me. I was tired like hell that I forgot the scheduled delivery of my laundry to the shop. I retired a minute I laid my back on my bed.

I woke up 45 minutes past 10 in the evening and starving. I raided cabinets for food and glad I still have the remaining half of the loaf I had for breakfast the day before.

I opened my DVD player and watched Da Vinci's Demon. It wasn't bad but it wasn't good either, mediocre if you asked me. At two, I put it off and went to bed. Oh wait, I'm already on my bed while watching so I just shut the light's off. I need to sleep because I have to attend a get together in the morning, specifically on lunch time. My boss in my previous company is in the Philippines for a vacation and will be back in the States by next week. So we arranged to have lunch along with other faces she have worked with.

By 9 although reluctant, I was forced to prepare. The meeting place should be at Aling Tonya restuarant at Dampa (Macapagal Avenue). And I am always the ligawin (directionally challenged) type of person (lol, ikaw na may mahabang buhok, haha) so I decided to commute from Fairview to Kalaw and take a taxi cab from there (I'm practising frugality, lol).

Ten minute past 11 I'm already in the vicinity of Kalaw - too early, the meeting time should be 11:30 and I don't want to be the first person to arrive (excited? lol) and keep waiting on others, haha. So, I decided to enter Luneta/Rizal Park. I was amazed with the improvement, Rizal Park used to be a haven of pick pockets and bad guys. Now, it's scattered with foreigners who are mostly Korean, by the way. I'm sure they were Koreans because they're loud, lol.

I waited 12NN before I picked a cab. I was the third person to arrived (WTF). We waited for more than an hour and when we have the numbers, someone just have realized that Tonya is not the right place for us because we need to buy the item at the market and have it cooked. And it's already past noon, so we changed venue, Cabalen at MOA was the next choice. Heavy rains, poured down as we left Dampa.

Here's the catch, Cabalen was fully booked and reservation will be available in the next hour. We have no choice but to scout for available restaurants nearby and finally settled at David's Tea House. We had a sumptuous lunch and cheesy conversation. We retired almost three in the afternoon. We bid goodbye to each other and went home.

I'm so tired, I'm supposed to meeting someone so I have made an excuse; that the rain was heavy and my shoes is soaking wet and that it's very uncomfortable for me. And this is where the lies in the title came in, lol.

I went to Marikina instead because I want to see Wolverine with a friend. I was expecting it to be in 3D but no, it wasn't. Still we watched it anyway. I was so sleepy that from time to time I have to close my eyes. Then, I would ask him what happened to Logan, or Yukio, or Mariko. "Aren't you watching?", he retorted back. "I'm sleeping", I said. "Sweet dreams", he sarcastically, added.

When film credits started displaying, I motioned to my friend to leave but he said, "No, wait, there's a continuation. Magneto is coming". Indeed, a moment later and Magneto appear along with Charles, a teaser for the sequel. My claws, starts popping.

I went home exhausted. On my way, there's this man. I mean a drunk man, who everytime the jeep stops, he wakes up and ask me, if it's already Ever/Don Antonio. "It's only, Philcoa", I told him calmly. At the next stop, he asked again, "no, Tandang Sora this time", I quickly answered. Then another stop and ofcourse he asked again, "This is only Luzon", I answered him irritably. "I'll tell you when we get there, I'll dropping there myself. Go to sleep."

He woke up exactly when the jeep stops at Ever and went off immediately. WTF!

Contains topic not suited for a bigot, lol.