Selfie in moving colors!

Due to market demand #MaAlamatNaTiangge is now selling spy cameras. I mean, aside from the pork barrel, corruption and Janet Napoles also trending online are video scandals.

Now, don't be left behind, find a spy camera that suits you - it's not too late to have your own viral video, you know. What are you waiting? GO!

LOL! Ofcourse I am joking!

I mean, just a week before the Wally scandal came out, my friend Patrick asked me if I am also selling gadgets since I told him that my new hobby is buying and selling, anything. In particular, he asked for a spy camera.

We started our conversation talking about the Mixed Martial Arts as he is now rigidly training to be an octagon fighter, and ended up with the Wally scandal.

Pat: Do you know someone who is a amateur MMA fighter?
Me: Huh!
Pat: I mean, you know me training for mixed martial arts right?
Me: Yeah and yes I knew one. YOU, lol.
Pat: Pwera ako (except me), amp!
Me: Well, nope I don't think my social network includes mixed martial arts artists. Why do you ask?
Pat: I need a tag team.
Me: How about Wayne? Used to be his best friend before the falling out.
Pat: No way, haha. By the way do you sell spy cameras?
Me:Ofcourse! I have everything. Think of me as the walking Divisoria, how's that?.
Pat: Whoah! Imba teka (hey) did you see the Wally Scandal? Hehe uso (trend). It was him who also delivered me the news about the Chito-Neri scandal.
Me: A new one? Oh, who's the other guy? Ofcourse it ain't Jose right? As I perceived him of being gay, haha.
Pat: No with a EB babe
Me: Oh, he's a bisexual. Insisting that Wally is gay, lol
Pat: Hehe

On serious notes, I don't understand why couple would film themselves while having sex? Seriously, for what purpose?

Do you really want to watch it when you're alone or something? Or you just want to broadcast that you are oozing with sex life. Yeah, like you're the only one, hello!

And the idiots when a video is leaked, they would act as if they were the fucking victim when fact of the matter they're wearing proud faces on close-up shots when the video is taken. What now, shame for the perverse? Oh jism, it's all your fault really.

But then again, if you really the pervert type maybe I can help you. I can help you fill your fantasy. Is voyeurism your game or taking a souvenir of yourself while having a mouthful of happiness? Well, you can do this confidentially (just pray it won't leaked, lol) yeah, I swear, lol.

Just gimme a tap, aight! Spy camera is the answer, lol.

Even falling leaves..
has its own story to tell, ikaw ano ang kwentong alamat mo?