Pinoy Pride or Pinoy Psyche?

"Cyber bully". "Ah what? Like Nancy Binay?", lol. "No, the FIBA". "What about it? It's over and we lost". "Yeah, I know but I have read this blog bullying our National Team". "Oh really? Wait until you hear my version, lol - in my mind.

It was Patrick texting me his rants. He was so ecstatic about the FIBA games, he was so proud of the Gilas. He was in 7th heaven when the team denied their perennial foe South Korea to the finals. After the game, he even updated his wall with these texts, "Officially, Philippines the newest Asias' basketball powerhouse". See the image above - that's how proud he was.

Ok lang kami Batista suportado parin ang Gilas, hanggang Spain (Batista and I were okay and still will support Gilas 'til Spain) - he continued. I was tempted to reply him with, "Oh come on now, that's enough lol".

"Ofcourse, it's a big thing to be qualified in a World Cup, even we're sure as hell they would only make it to the first round, lol", I replied back. "Yeah, I know. Pero iba talaga ang feeling, Pinoy eh (I know but there's this feeling, you know being a Pinoy), hehe" - my gosh, he wouldn't stop, lol. "Ah yes, the Pinoy Pride.", agreeing with him at last, lol.

We Filipino are always has this Pinoy Pride thing in every one of us. I don't know but sometimes, I find it over used. Don't get me wrong (well if you find it wrong, okay I can live with that, lol) but you see it sometimes make us as a proudstar.

Take Manny Pacquiao for example. No doubt, he's world's greatest when it comes to boxing but do you really need to tell the world that we Filipino are the best there is simply because one of our own is on top of his game. Imagine, if one of those Arabs or Caucasians read your post and they happened to have employed a Filipino OFW. What do you think would they feel? If I where them I would definitely be grinning with this thought in my head, "Oh alright, the best people in the world is cleaning my toilet bowl", lol.

What I'm trying to say is, that we can display this Pinoy Pride as a motivational factor but not something that we really want to put it in our heads and go telling ourselves that we are on top of the food chain, thanks because I heard a fellow Filipino was this great.

American Idol. When we heard that Jessica Sanchez was the one to beat, we were determined to help her in every possible way we knew even if it's illegal. Imagine Filipinos in PI (Philippine Islands) were voting online for Jessica to stay. We were actually more excited than the Americans and the contest is called American Idol for that matter, lol.

In an International beauty contest we always has a place, that's because Pinoy Pride is at work, just to make sure our candidate will be the Miss Photogenic who by the way usually determined via on-line voting.

I remember when Time Asia, ofcourse I forgot the year but when they're trying to decide the outcome of their annual People of the Year awards, they put it online. In contention were Manny Pacquiao, Rain (Jung Ji-Hoon, South Korea), the deceased former President Corazon 'Cory' Aquino and some of Asia's scientists and leaders who impacted in their chosen fields.

Two days after voting started, unusual movements of the votes were detected. Only Rain and Manny Pacquiao were on the run and in a close fights and changes every hour - it's either Manny on top or Rain on the next hour, vice versa, vice versa. While the rest of the nominees were not moving at all, the combined percentage of the remaining nominees was like less than 1% of total votes, argh.

After 5 days, Times decided to stop the voting and re-code the source of the online voting page. They found out that those voting for Rain and Manny were using an auto-voting application. WTF!

Now, I ask you again. Is it Pinoy pride or simply plain Pinoy psyche, (a hoax mind, lol), the typical Juan Dela Cruz.

"You were always a fanatic are you?" my replied to Patrick, he never texted back, lol.

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