Hashtags and Facebook

While I was reading some FB feeds the other day one particular feed caught my eyes.

I don't want to put the exact words as if finger-pointing to the person. I'll just give you the hint, lol. This person may have been annoyed with the excessive use of hashtags in Facebook that her post simply sounds like she's a hashtag authority, I mean the sarcasm and all.

If you summed up the post, she's trying to tell or maybe educate those in her list (friends), on how a hashtag(#) is intended for. Translated, where to use a hashtag the proper way.

Ofcourse if you're frequently Facebooking, it's impossible to miss these little things. I mean, look at it. When someone wants to be funny in FB a hashtag is added to the post.

In her post she said, using hashtag is nothing to do with Facebook. And that annoying little thing is only for IG and Twitter and other third party apps integrated with Twitter.


I have blushed. I'm guilty, lol.

But you see, it's really hard to be very meticulous and be careful about what is proper when you are doing it online. Hello, this is cyberspace we are talking about where every second a new standard, a new trend is coming.

And it's also hard not to incorporate hashtag to Facebook when lots of third party tools/applications are integrated with both Twitter and Facebook. I mean, using these tools will enable you to post the same message at the same time to both platforms with just one click away. TweetDeck and Hootsuite for example. I mean what is the big deal having a hashtag on your #ThrowbackThursday while posting your picture in afro and red bell bottom jeans? Nyay!

Ofcourse she's right, hashtag is not intended for Facebook use. Well, atleast for now.

Because fact of the matter, Zuckerberg is considering to putting the hashtag feature in Facebook. And why not when every social networking sites already did. Google +, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr and Path (a mobile social network) already support the use of hashtags.

Zuckerberg agreed to implement hashtag to Facebook for marketing purposes. This is to improve the way business owners and entrepreneurs network, interact and share on Facebook. It make information easier to find, especially if you give a unique hashtag to an event or topic of news that is currently hot. People tag their content with a hashtag phrase, and others can find it by searching on such phrases.

Here are the five marketing reasons, why Facebook is considering the hashtag:

Basa (read)!
  1. Find Better Conversations

  2. Join a chat

  3. Do some research

  4. Locate tribes or groups, and

  5. ofcourse, Check out for competition

See. "You can never can tell" (sabi nga ni Ate Vi, lol). I hope you may find this post very enlightening (si Ate Vi pa rin yan, haha) to you.

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